Translation of basics in Spanish:


lo básico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪsɪks/

plural noun

  • 1

    lo básico
    lo esencial
    you have to learn the basics first primero tienes que aprender lo básico
    • we haven't much furniture, just the basics no tenemos muchos muebles, solo lo básico / lo esencial
    • we must get back to basics tenemos que replantearnos todo desde cero
    • let's get down to basics vamos a lo que importa
    • But once the bubble has burst they turn back to basics and begin studying exactly what companies and their profits are up to.
    • More importantly though, it reminded me to get back to basics as far as parenting skills go, and dig out some of the books out of the boxes.
    • And surely they're old enough to learn the basics of critical thinking skills and skeptical analysis.
    • Hence, the need of the hour is a school for our youth and talented players to congregate and learn the basics and the skills of the sport.
    • What really bothers me is that people seem to have an incomplete foundation in the basics of language skills.
    • I'm thinking it'll be necessary to go right back to basics.
    • He felt that the best way to go back to basics was to start teaching.
    • It is time to take a good hard look at our daily routines and re-learn the basics that are essential for health and longevity.
    • A It's all too easy sometimes to forget the healthcare basics.
    • Most of the suffering due to sickness could be avoided if we knew the basics of health, exercise and nutrition.
    • Instead we should return to core food values, back to nutritional basics and revert to the heritage school dinners of old.
    • Most Mothering readers know the basics of a healthy parent-child relationship.
    • Players do the equivalent of tying a piece of string around their finger to remember the basics.
    • Until you understand the basics of functions and algebra, the thought that a number can be predicted is a surprising one.
    • Under the program, nutrition educators taught students the basics about healthy eating.
    • This explains why one of the basics of food hygiene is to keep raw or cold food cold, and cooked or hot food, piping hot.
    • By now you might have taken some of my words to heart, and so here are the basics in buying and owning a scooter
    • Beth ran her through the basics, softly explaining how the gun functioned.
    • Once you're comfortable with the tai chi basics, you can do it by yourself.
    • It's quite alright to start within your comfort zone to help you build confidence and get the basics down pat.