Translation of basis in Spanish:


base, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪsəs/ /ˈbeɪsɪs/

nounplural bases

  • 1

    (foundation, grounds)
    base feminine
    on what basis do you make these assertions? ¿en qué se basa usted para afirmar eso?
    • on the basis that … partiendo de la base de que …
    • on the basis of these facts sobre la base de estos hechos
    • He laid the basis for modern ideas of democracy and the legitimacy of majority rule.
    • You will recall that in our alternative arguments we submit two bases for a finding of the true value of the asset purchased.
    • They both took issue with the logical basis of the Design argument.
    • He also has a broad basis of support because of his background as a trade union official.
    • I hope this was evident to you as this has always been the basis of our support.
    • In my judgment the decision can be supported on the same basis.
    • I come to these conclusions concerning her ability to support herself on these bases.
    • He was arguing for a return to the clubs as the basis for building a strong foundation for the game in Scotland.
    • But a number of faulty assumptions seem to form the basis for some of your arguments.
    • This I believe is an essential in preventing arguments, or at least a basis to resolve them.
    • The process is widely used throughout Europe, and its basis is set out in many manuals.
    • Ideas which saw the internet not just as the basis for a new market sector, but a whole new economy.
    • What he said had a basis of fact, as was underlined when he was soon eliminated.
    • This link underlies much of the understanding of madness and its somatic basis in the modern age.
    • He attempted to use the support of the navy to lay the basis of an armed force under his own command.
    • The arguments used to support a ban on hunting undermine this basis of a civilised society.
    • Sensations cause some beliefs and in this sense are the basis or ground of those beliefs.
    • The molecular basis of this selective translation is not yet fully understood.
    • This second possibility was the basis on which the judge awarded her damages.
    • It's an old story and probably the basis of the plot for a forthcoming movie.
    • The second is that programmes can only be justified on the basis of how many people watch them.
    • An order will always have to be justified on the basis of the child's welfare.
    • We try to figure out what is so, reasoning on the basis of what we already know.
    • On the basis of that permission there is no justification for any further dwellings.
    • As a matter of fact, it is not possible to justify this attack on the basis of international law.
    • It's about time this issue was discussed rationally on the basis of the facts.
    • There is certainly no reason to make such an assumption on the basis of his name.
    • Second, lump sum payments are worked out on the basis of an assumed life expectancy.
    • If he cannot be relied on as an impartial expert witness on the basis of his professional stature then no one can.
    • On the basis of recent opinion polls this is the current prediction.
    • The force of that argument depends upon the basis upon which the measure of damages is arrived at.
    • That was on the basis that all other arguments for the grant of the injunction had failed.
    • No authority was put before him, and on that basis he found the argument without substance.
    • The council supports the scheme on the basis it will help to meet a housing shortage in the district.
    • There is really, so far as I can see, no good basis for supporting a change in their position.
    • There is no doubt that loyalism attracted a fair degree of support on this basis.
    • We have to take this decision on a rational basis, not in a climate of fear.
    • There is also a failure to provide a rational basis for the decision as to the amount of respite to provided.
    • The topics were mixed up, and the recipients were not told of the basis of the topic selection.
    • Second, for each form of treatment, attempt to specify the basis or bases for which it is deserved.
  • 2

    (system, level)
    we meet on a regular/monthly basis nos reunimos regularmente/mensualmente
    • on a regional/national basis a nivel regional/nacional
    • the work is done on a voluntary basis el trabajo se hace voluntariamente
    • all clients are treated/charged on an equal basis a todos los clientes se los trata igual/se les cobra lo mismo
    • They also require evidence that these checks are carried out on a regular basis by staff at the home.
    • We intend to carry out similar operations on a regular basis over the coming months.
    • Visit your dentist or hygienist to have your teeth scaled and polished on a regular basis.
    • People are entitled to their opinion and write in to us on a regular basis.
    • The media exposes us on a daily basis to the idea that things are not as good as they seem.
    • It is time for Labour in Scotland to remake the argument for the Union on a modern basis.
    • This privacy policy statement sets out the basis by which your personal data will be processed.
    • The remaining places are given to students from further afield on a selective basis.
    • Although my husband is a lieutenant in a support unit I fear for his life on a daily basis.
    • What it really comes down to is individual judgment, a fact that is underlined for me on an annual basis.
    • Inside, she couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed they were back on a formal basis.
    • The point is, though, they will do it on a voluntary basis based on their recent experiences.