Translation of bask in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bæsk/ /bɑːsk/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to bask in the sun disfrutar (del color) del sol
    • she basked in their adulation se deleitaba / se regodeaba con su adulación
    • He positively basks in this news, delighted at the thought.
    • This two-hour show offers a venue for jazz lovers to bask in the appreciation of the music.
    • Even as he basks in the glory of his school's achievement, he nurses a grudge.
    • It is an astonishing victory over the forces of government inertia, and she could not resist basking in her moment of glory.
    • Even now, basking in the glory of her success, we are living a tragedy.
    • One would have expected to see him basking in the glory of having achieved yet another first.
    • He basked in the reflected glory of being with the world's most photographed woman.
    • But some of those who were near the top of the class refused to bask in the glory and criticised the way the information was presented.
    • The trade unions and employers will bask in the reflected glory of his sound stewardship.
    • Your winter blues will be banished as you bask in this triumphantly uplifting anthem.
    • I was basking in the warm glow of appreciation when I realised my thumb was starting to throb.
    • As a gratifyingly sheepish look passed over my hairdresser's face, I basked in my brief moment of triumph.
    • We'll go through all the royal treatment, see shows, and bask luxuriously in glorious relaxation.
    • And a small piece of my exhausted spirit basks yet in the warm birthday greetings I received on this site, via e-mail and in person.
    • All basked for precious moments in the attention and adulation.
    • But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't bask for a moment or two in the glow emanating from the accomplishments of the 14 to 18-year olds.
    • Buy a new car, and bask reassuringly in the knowledge that it is covered for a decade or 100,000 miles on all major mechanical components, plus the promise of roadside help over the next five years.
    • They provide the ambience in which the trendy newcomers bask.
    • It suited her to be behind the scenes, where she could be a part of the artistic excitement but bask happily out of the spotlight.
    • Certainly all this is about the intrusion of modern fuss upon a place content to bask picturesquely in rural timelessness.