Translation of bass drum in Spanish:

bass drum

bombo, n.


  • 1

    bombo masculine
    • As a part of the drum kit, the bass drum has shrunk over the years with changes in the sound desired and in its auxiliary functions, and with the introduction of synthetic materials for the drum-head.
    • ‘Maybe we'll have some congas and bongos, marimba and vibraphones, a bass drum, cow bells - perhaps a Chinese gong,’ she said, thoughtfully.
    • There was another set of timpani, another bass drum, side drums, castanets, two xylophones, and, if I recall correctly, tubular bells as well.
    • Sure, it had a fine array of percussion - timpani, snare drum, bass drum, gong, glockenspiel - but they were just there for effect.
    • I play guitar, bass drum, a tambourine on my foot and a snare drum.
    • I was completely and utterly entertained from the first kick of the bass drum to the last crash of the cymbal.
    • He softly murmurs the melody, sliding through a riff with a pristine guitar tone over the gentle 4/4 thump of the bass drum, adding the barest back-up harmony.
    • What's most important, though, is the fact it takes off after the first promising, pounding 15 seconds rather than leaning on a bass drum beat for four minutes.
    • And the bass drum sounded infinitely better that way.
    • The dry sound is ideal - the bass drum, for example, is reproduced with a clean, heart-stopping thud.
    • Beginning with acoustic plucking and the soft pounding of the bass drum, it shifts dynamics and adds some spirit to their performance for the second verse.
    • A lonely violin and piano play out the final three minutes of the record, augmented by a lazy bass drum.
    • Their instruments include a full drum set, surdo, or Brazilian bass drum, conga drums, bells and ganzas or shakers.
    • At first, he helped carry the bass drum, and later played the snare drum.
    • Some come to see him simultaneously handle an electric slide guitar (in an especially low-pitch open tuning), drum machine, bass drum, crash helmet and telephone microphone.
    • Just then we heard the beat of a bass drum and the jangle of a tambourine.
    • The high and middle toms mount on the bass drum, and the floor tom clamps on to the cymbal stand.
    • Finally, you hear a trumpet call, followed by the big sound of the bass drum.
    • Heads were shaking, feet were tapping and bodies as a whole, shivering, to the pulsating beats of the bass drum and the ‘C’ major and other high notes of the guitar.
    • Though, he could crash into the room playing a bass drum and she probably wouldn't notice; she was entirely too enthralled in her work.