Translation of bassist in Spanish:


(contra)bajista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪsəst/ /ˈbeɪsɪst/


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    (contra)bajista masculine, feminine
    (contra)bajo masculine, feminine
    • Bands of that era also featured great pianists, bassists, trumpeters, flautists, violinists, and occasional saxophonists.
    • The bassists we have lined up include Chicago Symphony and Lyric Opera Orchestra members and excellent free-lance Jazz musicians so this should be a very exciting project.
    • They went through five drummers, six bassists, four keyboard players, four lead vocalists, but only one lead guitarist, quite an achievement.
    • He had been due to catch a flight that morning to a musicians' camp for bassists in the US.
    • Bearded and flanked by a double bassist and a drummer he looks every inch the troubled, acoustic troubadour.
    • Both the bassist and drummer come from musical backgrounds of hardcore and punk.
    • The band have been though a few changes over the last year or so, first losing their bassist & then their drummer.
    • He's backed by an unintrusive bassist and percussion trio, doing his thing, and it's magic.
    • You simply can't play if the bassist and the drummer aren't talking.
    • While bassist and drummer are resigned to lucrative obscurity, the lead guitarist is almost famous.
    • They'd be well advised to acquire at least a bassist and drummer before they show their faces round here again.
    • The bassist and drummer share lead vocal duties and both have good vocal abilities.
    • And he has built up a ‘formidable reputation as one of the most dependable versatile, lyrical bassists of the European continent’.
    • Riffs are what happens when you leave the rhythm guitarist and the bassist alone in the studio for a couple of hours.
    • But the Music Department had a rule that bassists (meaning string and electric) had to play tuba as well.
    • Some really great crunchy pop tunes here with some head-bop inducing bouncy basslines delivered by one of the cutest female bassists I've seen in a while.
    • Their songs were good, but I thought that the guitarist did a better job at singing than the bassist did.
    • The bassist's fingers at times became a blur as she plucked away at the strings like a madwoman.
    • The band are now older, and on their third bassist, and the sound is not the same as it was.
    • The leaders of these two loving, live-quintet tributes are both bassists.