Translation of bastard in Spanish:


bastardo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbæstərd/ /ˈbɑːstəd/ /ˈbastəd/


  • 1archaic, derogatory

    (illegitimate child)
    bastardo masculine
    bastarda feminine
    guacho masculine Southern Cone informal, derogatory
    guacha feminine Southern Cone informal, derogatory
    • He talked to him and convinced him that this wedding should take place as soon as possible because his bride does not want their son to be born a bastard.
    • I am merely a bastard, born to one of his secondary wives.
    • To his warped mind it appeared that his natural father had robbed him of his rightful inheritance by having him born a bastard, and this whole affair was no more than the result of his terrible revenge!
    • Besides, my marriage means my son is a legitimate child, not a bastard as these rumor mongers would have you believe.
    • For one, a bastard is a child conceived out of wedlock, which you weren't, and for second, I'm sure your parents had every intention of conceiving you.
  • 2informal

    • 2.1(despicable male)

      cabrón masculine informal, vulgar slang
      hijo de puta masculine vulgar slang
      • So we like to judge our actions as those of good people dealing with ‘the real world’, instead of as natural bastards doing what bastards do naturally.
      • The bastards won't change their behaviour until their business goes under because all the good workers have gone to good employers.
      • As last time, we were all a little fatter, balder and/or greyer, apart from the bastards who hadn't changed at all.
      • Names have been changed to protect the bastard.
      • He's a bastard, a brute, an offense to human decency.
      • I'd be willing to bet that he's been planning this for years… what a lowlife bastard.
      • To me they were all dogs, scum, idiots, bastards… well, you get the point.
      • Those wretched bastards must be pleased with their work.
      • I hate being helpless when those rich powerful bastards beat mother.
      • Even if you were a reporter like those irritating bastards who hound me every second of every day, you wouldn't know!
      • Those little bastards who criticise me don't understand.
      • Soon I'll be allowed to dislike art without old bastards nodding wisely.
      • All these years I comforted myself by telling myself that I was too good for the irresponsible man, and that I didn't need the good-for-nothing bastard.
      • But although her father hadn't been bad to her, he'd been a complete bastard to her mother, and she hated him for that.
      • Mostly, though, they're bastards but one of them is your bastard.
      • I need to stop trying to change people who like being rat bastards.
      • Okay that was the dumbest speculation I've ever had and you bastards let me say it like some sort of idiot.
      • I am a bastard, incorrigible, ungentlemanly and a beast.
      • She fell out with the ungrateful bastards of that particular branch of my mother's extended family, and we didn't visit that bunch this year.

    • 2.2British (person)

      tipo masculine informal
      the poor bastard! ¡pobre desgraciado!
      • I'm desperate to see whether Yoichi finally gets a lucky break - poor little bastard.
      • Then Stan sent me this, probably the most unfortunate of all, poor bastard!
      • If that's all you have to worry about, Tom, then you are one lucky bastard.
      • Even Leo's not half bad in it despite the fact the poor squeaky bastard never has a chance against DDL.
      • He laid down his card and agreed, ‘Lucky bastard.’
      • And in lots of ways I've been a lucky, jammy bastard.
      • I'm sorry, man, you must be a lonely poor bastard.
      • The poor little bastard's still out there somewhere.
      • And I thought, I don't want to bother this poor bastard, but I have to get in to save me boy!
      • Some people get to go home today - lucky bastards.
      • But, in the end, he settled for the position of Admiral, and watched every other lucky bastard as they boarded, what should have been, his ship.
      • You know Kashiro, unlike you I am a poor weak bastard.
      • He glanced back one more time to his friends in time to catch Alan mouth the words, ‘Lucky bastard.’
      • It's not going to be my fault when some poor, watermarked bastard gets dragged off to Guantanamo Bay.
      • I'm just one of the lucky bastards who got funding.
      • I was only trying to be friendly, the poor little bastards must've been starving if nobody was feeding them.

    • 2.3British (nasty, difficult thing)

      this oven's a bastard (of a thing) to clean limpiar este horno es muy jodido vulgar slang
      • I've read about 100 pages these last two days and gotten a bastard of a headache for my troubles.
      • After all my rabbiting on about the foolishness of those plebs who choose to spurn the way of the Proper Bow Tie, I've had a bastard of a time for the last couple of days figuring out how the heck you actually tie one.
      • Of course, next time I post I'll probably be sitting here nursing a bastard of a hangover and a misanthropic grudge against the universe as per usual, so make the most of it.
      • I've just come down with a bastard of a cold, got me thinking along these lines.
      • The filling is a bastard of a mix of crunchy water chestnuts, baby corn, cilantro and ground peanuts.
      • A shorter trip than usual this week - it's hard to travel with a bastard of a headcold.
      • After taking ages to get ready, and a bastard of a commute, we were running late.
      • But hey, don't give up on me, Jo. It's nearly Christmas, it's been a bastard of a year, and I'd love to talk to you.
      • It's a bastard of a fine line to walk with Wainwright being more self aware than your average flamboyant drama queen opera fan.
      • If you want my opinion, it's a bastard of a game - swift, bold and beautiful.
      • Golf is a bastard of a game.
      • It was a difficult bastard to empty and move, as it's a ‘waveless’ type and the waddy stuff inside retains heaps of water and makes it heavy.
      • And for three skinny fellows, they make an absolute bastard of a guitar racket.
      • Avant garde/underground short films are an absolute bastard to get hold of.
      • This was an absolute bastard (the descent was also a bit hairy due to a strong sidewind).
      • Though, when I do want to make an effort, I face an absolute bastard of a hurdle: my hair.


  • 1

    (child/son) bastardo
    (child/son) guacho Southern Cone informal, derogatory
    • While the first movie does have more of an adult theme to it (uh, she birthed a bastard child from a married family man), the last two lend themselves to more of a family audience.
    • An insolent stranger makes an unexpected appearance in Tara's house claiming to be her illegitimate nephew (the bastard son of Padma).
    • After all, it would be disastrous if the people ever found out that she had a bastard child born out of wedlock.
    • Albert plays Jack, a man who must face up to the fact that he is the bastard child of a rock star.
    • The closest thing to nobility found in our ranks is the bastard son of a petty knight (the captain).
  • 2

    (of mixed origin)
    (breed) híbrido
    • I'm guessing that the bug I swallowed this morning was a hybrid of sorts, a bastard child conceived of a drunken cricket and a desperate ladybug.
    • And speaking of which, after a fashion, experiments with new routes into work took me past Chariots, which looks from the outside like the bastard lovechild of a Greek restaurant and an auto repair shop.
    • Along the way, however, the reader gets a crash course in early comic strips, and it is within the literary tradition of this bastard medium that he defiantly sets his work.
    • ‘People don't see comedy as an art form, they see it as the bastard son of storytelling,’ he says after we've reached the cafe and ordered the coffee.
    • Kudos to them as this cd has an appeal many don't but lets face it, they're still rubbing along in a bastard genre, they're just a bit better than most at it.
    • English is a bastard language borne out primarily of the mixture of languages of people who successfully invaded the The British Isles (of whom there were several prior to 1066).
    • And even though English is the ultimate in bastard languages already, we don't like it so much when cultural globalization works in the opposite direction.
  • 3

    (size/thread) de tamaño no estándar
    • It’s a bastard typeface, each character stands alone as an independent angular structure.
    • Text occupies a single column in a bastard typeface, while the title-page uses a mixture of bastard and roman type (the latter for Latin text), and of black and red lettering.
    • The Bastard Secretary Hand represents a variation of the Bastard hand, a reform of the court hand, developed in the early 14th century in an attempt to reform the by-now deteriorated standard court hand.
    • The brand new Bastard-family is a modern caps-only display typeface with OpenType features.
    • A typeface named Bastard is typical of his often irreverent attitude to the industry of advertising and design.