Translation of batch in Spanish:


hornada, n.

Pronunciation /bætʃ/ /batʃ/

Definition of hornada in Spanish


  • 1

    (of cakes) hornada feminine
    (of cakes) tanda feminine
    (of dough, cement) cantidad feminine
    (of dough, cement) tanda feminine
    (of goods) Business lote masculine
    (of trainees, candidates) grupo masculine
    (of trainees, candidates) tanda feminine
    (of mail, paperwork) pila feminine
    (of mail, paperwork) montón masculine
    (of improvements, innovations) serie feminine
    (of data, transactions) Computing lote masculine
    the latest batch of figures shows … las últimas cifras indican …
    • batch number número de serie
    • A supermarket yesterday withdrew a batch of own-brand peanut butter after a jar was found to contain cancer-causing chemicals.
    • In contrast, a batch of discs can take two to four weeks to replicate.
    • Those six rounds came from a batch of 200 loaded recently on a progressive press.
    • Visitors to an archaeology open day at Rievaulx on Saturday will be invited to pump the bellows to produce a batch of bloom, which can be removed from the furnace with tongs and worked on an anvil.
    • It takes four weeks to produce a batch of compost.
    • I produced a batch of my personal pancake recipe, then moved on to making a fruit sauce that could be used instead of an unhealthy, unnatural maple syrup.
    • Once a batch of products has been cooked and the working shift completed, any residual cooking oil or other cooking matter should be drained off and the bratt pan switched off by the operator.
    • Eventually a batch of forms was produced from the back of a press and one was duly handed over.
    • The batch now on the production line will be light blue pencils.
    • The magistrates said that the distributors had not tested any of a batch of 46,000 Dracula capes imported from the Far East and had relied on certificates from their overseas suppliers.
    • What sets Professor Meally apart from all others in his field, is that as well as having it in theory he also gave a practical demonstration on mixing a batch of culm and making hand-made buns.
    • That's why it takes me two or three years to write a batch of songs good enough to put out.
    • Before him were a batch of newspapers bearing his image and a flier informing Belgian police that his group was ‘watching’ them.
    • He tells me that Burrells were the makers of famous steam engines and back in the '20s they built a batch of scenic Showmans, some eight and some ten horsepower.
    • The commission discovered the mistakes on Thursday when a dozen random copies of a batch of 30,000 leaflets showed they had been incorrectly stapled.
    • Once they had done their stuff I had a sudden urge to whip up a batch of almond macaroons using this Marunchinos (Sephardi almond macaroons) recipe.
    • Red faced Commonwealth Games bosses have had to scrap a batch of badges celebrating Welsh participation in the event - because of a spelling mistake.
    • The newly graduated 46-year-old created a batch of trolley-based furniture for his degree course and is now hoping to make it into a business.
    • The thing about baking is that you are the arbiter of how much butter and sugar go into your recipe and if you decide to reduce your intake of butter then perhaps you will bake a batch of scones instead of a tray of shortbread.
    • Need a perfect way to present a batch of homemade goodies?
    • It's always unpleasant when individuals who've worked on a second or third-rate film collect a batch of awards.
    • So Australia collected a batch of free settlers before the gold rush.
    • A batch of mosquitoes collected from the field was divided into two groups.
    • It's actually the fourth full-length from a batch of kids who used to be in other bands.
    • When you submitted a program for testing, it was a batch of cards which were kept together by a rubber band and if you dropped them accidentally, sorting them out was no simple matter.
    • She took a big batch of leaves and dug them into one of her dirty pockets.
    • They gave Little George a batch of Harken stock and paid him $120,000 a year to be a board member.
    • Solid sound and smooth production are no surprises coming from a batch of accomplished musicians who leave nothing to chance.
    • A fresh bottle was delivered the next morning followed by a batch of three later in the day.
    • Jess felt her stomach producing a batch of butterflies, her ‘crush’, her love, was going to kiss her.
    • Deluged with product support calls, Lotus hired a batch of college interns that summer to assist in taking calls from frantic users.
    • The dealer deals five cards to each player - a batch of three each followed by a batch of two each, or two each followed by three each.
    • A batch of cold weather coming in through Canada.
    • I can only assume that somewhere, an e-mail server crashed and the poor techies only recently found a batch of messages on a hard disk, like a lost postcard from 1943 behind a radiator.
    • Finally, it was close to the mid-'80s that a batch of vibrant Indians studying in Chicago were watching the film and reacting with adequate intensity.
    • Every year at the annual Comic-Con International, they let me host a batch of wonderful events, most of them about the history of the comic book medium.
    • At some stage in the next few weeks I'd better buy a batch of cards and start working my way through the address book and getting them into the post, with the overseas people first in the queue.
    • Here's what he has up so far and I'll be sending him a batch of additions and corrections (not many corrections so far).
    • A batch of novices has to learn the fundamentals.
    • In yet another example of their coolness, in outlining plans to offload a batch of new shares, they've come up with the following gem.
    • The older database used a three-stage batch system in which records were duplicated across three tables.
    • It includes a number of advanced features like creating encrypted backups or batch mode processing.
    • Most backup environments perform their backups as a batch process sometime during the night.
    • The days of the long batch window where databases can be offline for extended periods to perform nightly processing are diminishing.
    • Think of a screen as a formula or recipe of ingredients used to guide computer software to select a batch of good stock picks.