Translation of bather in Spanish:


bañista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪðər/ /ˈbeɪðə/


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    bañista masculine, feminine
    • True, they had no shower gel at the time and the heat treatments softened the grit and grim for removal while the cold waters revived the weary bather.
    • A main function of the person appointed to the new job will be to keep swimmers and bathers from entering the water.
    • Perhaps the most famous brines in the world are those found in the Dead Sea in Israel, an inland lake which is so salty that bathers float in its waters.
    • People caught driving jet skis and speed boats in a manner that endangers bathers and other water users in Tramore Bay will face a hefty fine of up to €1200 under new by-laws that come into effect next month.
    • As waves continued to crash loudly against what was left of the shoreline, lifeguards were busy advising bathers not to go into the water.
    • The generous showerhead reaches far into the cubicle and, with 410 mm projection, water falls centrally over the bather.
    • A bather reclines on a couch, enjoying a massage, while a fountain splashes nearby.
    • The Marine Conservation Society said bathers were put at risk because beaches with normally excellent water quality could be temporarily affected.
    • There were bathers in the pool and the life guards cleared the pool.
    • He urged bathers to use beaches patrolled by life guards.
    • Fallen tree trunks toss about the stream, presenting mortal dangers to swimmers and bathers.
    • A small but well planned bathroom includes a bath which has been strategically positioned to allow the bather to bask in the stunning views of Kinsale harbour.
    • The last thing about the sound-proof door is that it eliminates comments from the family on the operatic talents of the bather.
    • This elegant wine should see warmth restored to even the coldest bather.
    • ‘The weather has been good these past few weeks and I hope bathers will take full advantage of the sun and highquality water conditions as we reach the peak of the summer season,’ he said.
    • Lifeguards at Maracas and Las Cuevas beaches were all on duty keeping bathers away, even as the rough waters pounded against their towers.
    • Last year, several bathers suffered severe and painful stings while swimming among the jellyfish in the Mersey estuary.
    • But swimming teachers in Bolton are urging bathers not to try it themselves because it could be dangerous.
    • According to the council this session is based on giving exclusive pool time to older bathers who want to enjoy lane swimming.
    • Many visiting tourists to Goa enjoy fishing from the beach, but unless you visit the quieter areas you will almost certainly be frustrated by the number of bathers!