Translation of baton charge in Spanish:

baton charge

carga con bastones, n.


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    carga con bastones feminine
    • There were repeated baton charges by riot cops.
    • Police fired rubber bullets and made repeated baton charges.
    • They hurled stones at businesses and police, who responded with baton charges.
    • Police confronted and dispersed the rioters with baton charges and by firing rubber bullets.
    • The police found it difficult to control the crowd and a baton charge was ordered.
    • Roadblocks are erected, and students and others hurl paving stones and hastily created Molotov cocktails at the police, who respond with teargas and baton charges.
    • Part of the fence blocking the road was ripped down and for a moment a baton charge seemed imminent.
    • Police attacked again, dispersing the demonstration with baton charges and water cannons.