Translation of battalion in Spanish:


batallón, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈtæljən/ /bəˈtalɪən/


  • 1

    batallón masculine
    battalions of workers/strikers ejércitos de obreros/huelguistas
    • It has, however, successfully filled a gap produced by the collapse of the big battalions of the international secular Left.
    • India's specialized technology institutes are turning out battalions of software wizards.
    • Legislation was introduced to control prices, and exports, to requisition cereals, and to organize labour battalions to work the land.
    • A battalion of certified financial planners is in the making in the country
    • It will keep a battalion of civil service economists and statisticians in work with the creation of more monitoring and evaluation.
    • The corporations always have a battalion of crackerjack lawyers to defend themselves.
    • Weinstein is expected to enlist the usual battalions of experts on forensic science, jury selection and criminal psychology.
    • Suddenly, whole battalions of people with weird, rat-like faces were able to partake in a pastime previously denied them.