Translation of battery in Spanish:


pila, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbædəri/ /ˈbat(ə)ri/

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nounplural batteries

  • 1

    (in radio, lamp) pila feminine
    (in car, motorcycle) batería feminine
    the battery is flat la batería está descargada
    • battery-operated racing cars coches de carrera a pila(s) / que funcionan con pilas
    • battery charger cargador de pilas
    • The redox reaction in the battery is the source of the electrical energy; batteries are voltaic cells.
    • If there's no electricity, how do you get the energy to power the batteries for the cameras?
    • The product is advertised to operate using static electricity only and requiring no batteries or other power sources.
    • While the new electrodes have not yet been tested in fuel cells or batteries, Liu expects they will significantly boost energy output.
    • For short missions, power can be provided by batteries or fuel cells, which produce power from chemical energy.
    • An electromagnet starts with a battery (or some other source of power) and a wire.
    • Some analysts foresee fuel cells replacing batteries in consumer electronics and other applications before long.
    • The batteries that power the electric motor cost thousands.
    • At low speeds, the car uses only the electric motor powered by batteries.
    • The electricity that we get from power outlets and batteries can power all different kinds of devices.
    • Hidden within cell phones, laptops, and digital cameras, lithium-ion batteries increasingly power the world.
    • The cells in a car battery generate electricity with a chemical reaction between a lead plate and a lead dioxide plate that are bathed in acid.
    • You can see why there is so much excitement around fuel cells right now - fuel cells solve the battery problem.
    • Clocks go faster or slower over time, batteries and power sources go dead, or important time changes, such as daylight saving, can be forgotten.
    • However, the short and unpredictable life spans of existing chemical batteries means that new power supply solutions are needed.
    • Compared to batteries, fuel cells will be smaller, much lighter and instantly rechargeable.
    • If there is no electrical hookup, it can use the energy from a car battery, solar cell, or bicycle generator.
    • These engines also could provide electrical power instead of relying on solar cells or batteries.
    • A quartz watch powered by a battery is constantly powered and tells accurate time all the time and do not need time adjustment.
    • Standard batteries can power digital cellphones for several hours of transmission or days of standby operation.
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    batería feminine
    • The disappearance of the classical front line required that artillery batteries fight as infantry in the defense of their guns.
    • This consisted of 10 regular and 18 irregular regiments of cavalry, 74 regiments of infantry, and 22 artillery batteries.
    • However, the Panzer Regiment destroyed a motorized column and an artillery battery before the French could withdraw.
    • It was not uncommon for a brigade to have a cavalry troop or artillery battery as part of its organic makeup.
    • Numerically, each of its three cavalry squadrons has the equivalent of a tank battalion, a mechanized battalion, and an artillery battery.
    • Wouldn't an artillery battery or a couple of guns have required troops to defend it?
    • The artillery batteries ' duties quickly changed to extending, improving and maintaining a brigade-sized defensive perimeter.
    • Even in engaging artillery batteries, the aim was primarily to wipe out the crews.
    • Regiments would have an organic six-gun artillery battery and a reconnaissance troop.
    • The mortar platoon is the personal artillery battery for the battalion commander.
    • I also compare between women who serve in an artillery battery and women who serve in an infantry company.
    • The task force later lost the howitzer battery, separate infantry platoon, and engineer platoon.
    • Ocean carries an artillery battery and can be used to supply the paratroopers, who are at present lightly armed, with more weapons.
    • Meanwhile the enemy had with astonishing rapidity brought a number of powerful batteries of artillery into position behind the Marre ridge, on the western bank of the river.
    • Anti-aircraft fire required tables that were far more detailed than those used by field artillery batteries.
    • The first unit that they saw was an artillery battery on the other side of an open field.
    • The fire support battalion will consolidate the two mortar platoons of the original battalions into batteries.
    • There are no heavy battalions or massed batteries in this picture.
    • The number of rapidly deployable mobile batteries used on each mission by the Army will depend on the operational requirements.
    • Having readied their batteries for war, commanders now had to deal with preserving the peace.
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    (conjunto de jaulas instaladas para la explotación avícola intensiva) batería feminine
    (eggs/hens) (before noun) de criadero
    (eggs/hens) (before noun) de batería
    battery farming cría intensiva
    • The European Commission recently announced an end to the cramped conditions suffered by hens housed in battery cages.
    • But, if animal welfare is the aim, Parliament should be legislating on intensive animal farming methods and battery chickens raised in windowless warehouses.
    • Newer European battery cages with manure belts provide a system for daily clean out of manure.
    • Farming hundreds of thousands of fish in tiny cages makes battery hen operations look positively organic by comparison.
    • Egg-laying hens are confined to battery cages.
    • To teach our young people in a school like that, to be reared like battery hens, would be folly.
    • With laying hens confined so closely in battery cages, the possibility of cross-contamination between animals must surely be very high.
    • Here in Australia, approximately 10-million battery hens are caged for life.
    • So nobody in Europe is now allowed to do that, and we also have legislation which is going to result in the phasing out of battery cages for laying hens.
    • Vegetarian, vegan, and animal-rights movements have prompted Sweden to become the first E.U. member to outlaw battery cages for hens.
    • Most birds reared for food are grown in battery farms, and so are kept indoors anyway.
    • Despite this, battery cage egg production has increased over the last 50 years.
    • These days it's all factory farms and abattoirs and battery chickens, but in the old days farming was much more personal and friendly.
    • One answer to this objection is that most farmers have their hens securely locked away in battery cages with a floor surface the size of a piece of A4 paper so they are none too vulnerable to fox attack.
    • Many of today's farming techniques are not natural, regarding GM crops, battery hens and such, but many of us do not think of these as wrong.
    • Now thousands of battery farm birds in Scotland are set to escape the chop thanks to a rescue service being set up by an animal lover.
    • If it's really about animal cruelty, why aren't we banning battery hens?
    • It is calling on politicians to support legislation to ban battery cages, which it says cause great suffering to hens.
    • Switzerland's elimination of battery cages increased the Swiss egg industry's profitability and its acceptability to consumers.
    • The foundation has been protesting over the past 30 years against the selling of eggs from battery cages.
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    (array, set)
    a battery of tests una serie de tests
    • a battery of questions una sarta de preguntas
    • he is advised by a battery of lawyers lo asesora un verdadero ejército de abogados
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    (with physical harm) lesiones feminine
    (without physical harm) agresión feminine
    (without physical harm) violencia feminine
    (of wife, child) malos tratos masculine
    • That would be a criminal action, namely assault (rather than battery which includes physical contact).
    • Kantor has listed three of them in her complaint: assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.
    • In most cases of battery or actual bodily harm the causal connection will be plain, but cases involving drugs have presented difficulties.
    • Now he awaits trial for first-degree murder, attempted murder, and aggravated battery.
    • The guy has previous convictions for kidnapping, battery and assault.