Translation of battery-operated in Spanish:


a pilas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbædəriˈɑpəˌreɪdəd/ /ˌbat(ə)rɪˈɒpəreɪtɪd/


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    a pilas
    • The brush may be electric, battery-operated or manual.
    • The surgeon implants four electrodes in the brain, then runs a wire under the skin to a battery-operated generator in the chest.
    • Manufacturers can easily incorporate the chip into any portable, battery-operated gadget.
    • The two-hour secret operation involved having a small battery-operated pacemaker implanted to keep his heart beat regular.
    • A small battery-operated or crank radio is another must-have in your emergency kit.
    • Even the most basic of barbecues can be fitted with a small spit and battery-operated motor.
    • She advises me to purchase a flashlight with batteries and a battery-operated radio.
    • The glass and chrome scales are battery-operated and the weight comes up on a digital display.
    • In the latest crackdown on motorised and battery-operated scooters, Swindon police are taking a zero tolerance approach to people using the machines.
    • These battery-operated devices detect movements that can easily be used to trigger a camera.
    • For now, the robot is tethered to a power supply, but eventually it will be battery-operated and directed by remote control.
    • "Leave the watches, cell phones, and battery-operated gizmos at home," advises Greg.
    • Customers can bring their battery-operated laptops and access the internet via high-frequency radio signals.
    • The battery-operated units, though easy to install, often are not sophisticated enough to satisfy all your needs.
    • Battery-operated radios and cassette players provide musical entertainment for many people.
    • The battery-operated device is housed in a waterproof enclosure, allowing disinfection after use.
    • This annual event sees local school children assemble and race battery-operated kit cars.
    • Except for the jeeps, battery-operated vans and the tractor carrying workers from one place to the other, the zoo is deserted.
    • Battery-operated, it is designed to repel slugs and snails, without harming them, by sending a low electrical current through a conductive tape.
    • You can get a portable, battery-operated DVD player for as little as $200 - and take it on airplanes as well as in the car.