Translation of battle in Spanish:


batalla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbædl/ /ˈbat(ə)l/


  • 1

    batalla feminine
    (scars/zone) (before noun) de guerra
    (plan) de batalla
    to fight/lose/win a battle librar/perder/ganar una batalla
    • to go into battle entrar en batalla
    • to do battle luchar
    • let battle commence! ¡que se inicie la contienda!
    • gun battle tiroteo
    • battle formation formación de batalla / de combate
    • The pair had been embroiled in lengthy legal battles over Daniel, but had reached a shared custody agreement on his care before Kevin's death.
    • One of the most difficult battles waged by these women has been against Public Works Department contractors.
    • Allison and Kevin had, following lengthy legal battles, reached a shared custody agreement on Daniel's care.
    • And the high profile court battles have shown how difficult it is to get medical experts to agree on how to interpret the facts of a case.
    • After lengthy court battles and broken promises, the residents plight continued to fall on deaf ears.
    • Wolf, that's why we have a court set up to handle these very difficult custody battles.
    • This determination to achieve something extra began with a lengthy battle to regain the use of her partial limb.
    • In each case, a certain peace had to have been made with the family or difficult, draining battles followed.
    • Even if the case never makes it to court, some companies pay up just to avoid bad press and lengthy legal battles.
    • The most difficult battles were over divorce and the legalization of abortion.
    • Cougars face an uphill battle as they struggle to rebuild confidence for Sunday's clash with Leigh.
    • It is almost certain now that the dispute will end up in a lengthy and expensive court battle.
    • Mr Rhodes said the conclusion of the deal yesterday brought to an end a long and difficult battle to keep the club going.
    • The pair did try and pursue the matter through the courts but could not afford a lengthy legal battle.
    • It also foreshadows future battles over infrastructure for the site, such as roads, sewerage and water.
    • Advisers say the panel has taken longer than normal to reach a decision because the process is likely to set a precedent for future battles.
    • This is a battle about the future, about the shape of Labour's third term.
    • The battle over small abattoirs is therefore also a battle for the future of agriculture.
    • You can expect financial gain and personal glory as you achieve difficult goals and stand up to stiff competition to win your battles.
    • Two years later, he is still engaged in a legal battle to fight deportation and be allowed to stay here with his wife.
    • Hymns and prayers were said in memory of those who died in battle and those who fought and survived.
    • He enjoyed wars and was the first prime minister since the duke of Wellington to have fought in battle.
    • Sovereignty was a figure for all those brave soldiers who fought and died in battle.
    • He declared that a truly great commander could win his campaigns without fighting any battles.
    • In a war there are many battles to be fought; which battle would become more important than the rest is not easily known.
    • In battle, I came to pity enemy prisoners because I had a cause to fight for and they did not.
    • In battle, it could be wielded as a quarterstaff against swordsmen, or as a pike against cavalry.
    • They determined the pace of the war - when battles were fought, what nature they assumed, when they were over.
    • During his time in America, Philip fought in eight major battles and 50 skirmishes.
    • It is not a war fought with battles, it does not have front lines, nor does it have marches or invasions.
    • In any successful war, individual battles must be fought with an eye towards the overriding objective.
    • In 1916, tanks were first used in battle as the Battle of the Somme began in France.
    • Rarely do we see accounts of how housewives struggled at home while the men of valor fought the battles and won the wars.
    • Five major battles were fought around the town of Arras during World War One.
    • A series of four battles were fought during the Italian campaign as the Allies tried to advance on Rome.
    • He was a Navy lieutenant who fought in real battles.
    • And who wants to fight 50 battles if you can prevail everywhere by winning just one?
    • Of the many battles in which he fought, the one we associate him with most is the Siege of Limerick, and then the treaty of Limerick.
    • Their fleets of ships fought and won battles from the coasts of Kerry to Mizen's wild foreland, to the Mull of Kintyre.
    • In 1066, the Anglo-Saxons fought three battles against foreign invaders.
  • 2

    lucha feminine
    the battle against inflation/cancer la lucha contra la inflación/el cáncer
    • I had a battle with my conscience tuve problemas con mi conciencia
    • the battle for the leadership la lucha / la contienda por el liderazgo

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to battle against sb luchar contra / con algn
    to battle with sb luchar contra / con algn
  • 2

    to battle against sth/sb luchar contra algo/algn
    • Players on both sides are unknowingly battling for cross hemisphere respect from people they will never meet.
    • As it stands, national lobby groups are battling against the ad budgets of brand name giants.
    • Furious residents are battling for the second time to stop huge mobile phone masts going up in Corsham town centre.
    • We need to keep the volumes up as the margins have been falling and we are constantly battling against obsolescence.
    • A tsunami survivor is battling against ill-health to sit her exams next term.
    • A youth worker has today spoken of how he helped save a teenager who is battling for life after being engulfed in flames.
    • A Bradford motorist was today battling for his life after a head-on car smash.
    • They are still battling against the world's best team, and doing it on foreign soil.
    • TEN weeks into the season and two sides are battling for the right to be named last unbeaten team in the league.
    • The once supreme Nine Network is battling for the sort of ratings it once took for granted.
    • When you are battling against them, you forget how much they love the game.
    • The company is battling against slow growth in many of its core businesses.
    • The decision was a blow to Bradford pensioners who had been battling for free bus travel in the district.
    • We have been battling for years with very little resources to get something done.
    • Murphy, in his own way, has battled on to flourish in a harsh sports environment.
    • Rebecca Harrison was taken ill mid-way through the race but battled on to finish 40th.
    • Despite this the pair battled on and the calendar was successfully published.
    • Some fishing is still permitted around the islands, but divers and naturalists are battling for a total ban.
    • Most of the time during the past decade the England cricket team has been battling for survival.
    • The sector is battling against cheaper imports because of the strength of the euro.

transitive verb

  • 1

    to battle one's way abrirse paso / camino con gran esfuerzo
  • 2US

    they are battling the new law están combatiendo la nueva ley