Traducción de battlefield en Español:


campo de batalla, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbædlˌfild/ /ˈbat(ə)lfiːld/


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    campo de batalla masculino
    • Why did men keep on fighting when conditions on the battlefield were so awful?
    • The debt of gratitude owed to veterans of the Second World War is to be partially repaid through a £10m scheme allowing them to visit the foreign battlegrounds where they fought.
    • Paramedics should not have to enter a battleground every time they fight to save someone's life.
    • At the beginning of 1916, the Germans introduced a new weapon to the battlefields on the Western Front.
    • American veterans are now tourists on battlefields where once they fought.
    • As in most battlefields the high ground here is strategically vital.
    • It was this close bond which persuaded him to follow his brothers to the battlefields of France to fight a foe he had no desire to destroy.
    • The wars of the future will not be fought on the battlefield or at sea.
    • There is already some communication, but it is not specially structured for battlefield conditions.
    • Armies - and the battlefields they fought on - just gradually grew in size as better technology came along.
    • To dominate the ground on battlefields of the next decade, combat soldiers and marines will want a full combined arms solution on their side.
    • History surrounds us with battlefields, burial grounds, and forts.
    • You need us, because wars are no longer fought on battlefields.
    • Terrorists wear civilian clothes and they don't fight on battlefields.
    • Future battlefields will require ground units to cover ever-widening frontages.
    • As soon as they reach the age of 16, men and women are called upon to fight on the battlefields.
    • Many men, however, also saw it as their duty to bring honour to their clan or caste, by fighting bravely on the battlefield.
    • Political geography may have been shaped in the mind as well as on the ground and the battlefield.
    • Yet these operatives, fighting on scattered battlefields, share a similar ideology and vision for our world.
    • From the battlefields to the playing fields, veteran actor and playwright Frank Williams knows all about both.