Translation of bauxite in Spanish:


bauxita, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɔksaɪt/ /ˈbɔːksʌɪt/


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    bauxita feminine
    • The principal economic activities and primary sources of foreign exchange are bauxite mining and alumina production, tourism, and sugar and banana exports.
    • It is among the world's leading producers of bauxite and alumina, which are exported to Canada, Norway, and the United States.
    • The major exports are bauxite and alumina, apparel, sugar, bananas, coffee, citrus and citrus products, rum, cocoa, and labor.
    • We also need information about whether this plant will be processing alumina, or bauxite; this can make a world of difference.
    • East of Budapest there was still bauxite and coal deposition.