Translation of bay window in Spanish:

bay window

ventana en saliente, n.


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    ventana en saliente feminine
    • The lights were off but the skylight and two large bay windows on the opposite wall provided more than enough light to see by.
    • Among the most common are arches, Palladium windows, bay windows and skylights.
    • She was in a well-furnished room, bookcases lined two walls, and three large bay windows made up the outside wall almost entirely.
    • One idea is to have your contractor place a window a few feet down the wall from the bay window.
    • Its highest point would be a curved white corner tower with bay windows, deep window recesses and balconies.
    • While they were clearing away the debris, part of the wall surrounding the large bay window partially collapsed.
    • I watched as the rain fell outside my bay windows.
    • There's a fireplace in the living room and window seats or bay windows.
    • It was also bright in the room I had awoken in, early sunlight streaming in through the opened white blinds on the bay windows at the far wall of the room.
    • Instead, a line of huge bay windows covered the left wall running the whole length of the mansion.
    • At the front of the house are two adjacent doubles, both with bay windows, picture rails and ceiling coving.
    • As well as a bay window with built-in window seats, there is another original fireplace.
    • A bay window with a window seat overlooks the front garden and two sets of double doors lead to the back garden.
    • The air was beginning to clear, thanks to the big hole in the wall where the bay window used to be.
    • One of the navy blue curtains covered half of the huge bay window on the opposite wall.
    • A lovely window seat has been built into one of the bay windows, and a pine floor has just been laid - the carpet was destroyed by our parties.
    • The room had a couple of advantages: a big black fireplace, a bay window on to the street, and orange walls.
    • On around one third of an acre, this gracious residence with double bay windows has not been occupied for a number of years and is in need of total refurbishment.
    • Two of the four bedrooms on the first floor are doubles with box bay windows, while the remaining two are good-sized singles.
    • The south-facing farmhouse was built in 1951 and features double bay windows to the front.