Translation of beachgoer in Spanish:


playista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbitʃˌɡoʊər/ /ˈbiːtʃɡəʊə/


  • 1

    persona que usa una playa
    playista masculine, feminine Latin America
    • Unhappy with her 'immodesty', a fellow beachgoer called a cop, who arrested her for indecent exposure.
    • A man was arrested after taking a knapsack from a beachgoer in Coney Island and refusing to return it, police said yesterday.
    • It was just light enough to see, but not to read, the signs in the sand dunes that warn the unwary beachgoer of snakes.
    • Up to a certain distance the water is tame because of barriers or reefs, which makes it agreeable to the average beachgoer, especially those with children.
    • The very idea of sharks stalking the Gold Coast sends a shiver up the spine of beachgoers.
    • Upon my arrival, I focused on locating the perfect spot to plant myself, without really looking at my fellow beachgoers.
    • No matter what the season, beachgoers can relax on the sunny, peaceful shores of Pensacola's award-winning coastline.
    • He stressed that beachgoers still could swim on the north side of the island, where none of the organisms have been spotted.
    • Many beachgoers were convinced that spring really had come early this year - then gray reality hit.
    • He said lifeguards often stayed at the beach after they finished work to ensure beachgoers remained safe.