Translation of bead in Spanish:


cuenta, n.

Pronunciation /bid/ /biːd/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(on necklace, bracelet)

      cuenta feminine
      abalorio masculine
      a string of beads una sarta de cuentas
      • The excavators found Roman glass beads from a necklace and one gaming counter.
      • He deftly picks up different objects such as glass stones, beads and white metal piping and threads it aesthetically on a black cotton thread to make a necklace.
      • Local craft production included the manufacture of glass and stone beads, and extensive tin, bronze, and gold working.
      • He lives amidst a dizzying array of objects: church fixtures, toys, beads, bottle caps, dolls' heads, icons, candles and dominoes.
      • We've noticed that Topshop is showing lots of bright red and turquoise bead bracelets and necklaces.
      • I found an inflatable pink backpack, a bead necklace and a giant bone on my walk, not all in the same place.
      • Both gloves are dotted with clusters of tiny pearl beads.
      • Both of these drummers are wearing long strands of beads, which may be initiation necklaces.
      • A pen case worn by the figure helps to identify the image as an author: a set of prayer beads in his left hand demonstrates his piety.
      • Anyone can attach beads to a piece of shiny cloth!
      • He remembered that his mother had given him some prayer beads.
      • Costumes will consist of robes, jackets, skirts, trousers and tops, all made with animal skins, cotton, silks and beads.
      • A devout Catholic and mother of seven, she was holding her beloved rosary beads when the end came.
      • Her installation was made of crystal beads strung on transparent threads.
      • We fingered our beads and said the second part of the Hail Mary or Our Father.
      • Around her neck she wore a necklace of amber beads that she had inherited from her Great Aunt Caroline, who had also been her godmother.
      • In order to get authentic bead jewelry, be sure to buy it where it is crafted by hand.
      • The beads, pendants, and engravings were surprisingly well-preserved.
      • Wealthy women might have a string of brightly coloured beads linking the two brooches across the chest.
      • She had green and gold beads for all us gals to put around our necks.

    • 1.2(of rosary)

      cuenta feminine

    • 1.3(drop)

      gota feminine
      beads of sweat/condensation gotas de sudor/condensación
      • Sometimes, I see beads of glistening sweat dropping off her forehead.
      • Their limbs ached from walking so far and beads of sweat dropped onto the ground from the scorching sun.
      • Seconds later, Mel was back with a towel to wipe salty beads of liquid away from Sam's face.
      • Little beads of crystalline liquid began to form at the ends of his eyes.
      • When I drew the study curtains it was to see that it'd been raining during the night and that while there was a lovely bit of warming sunshine, it glittered off of the beads of moisture on the lawn.
      • Again this morning, beads of moisture on the windshield.
      • The cool humidity of the low hanging clouds forms beads of moisture on the surface of each stone.
      • Plasma bolts smacked into the table, dropping hissing beads of steel onto the floor.
      • A big head that is comprised of large bubbles, coupled with beads of bubbles rising through the beer, is evidence of high levels of carbonation.
      • My home on Sunday became a place of carefree fun, little wet boys running to and fro, glistening beads of moisture running down their soft nubile chests.
      • The fog made tiny beads of moisture on the fine hairs of Theresa's mink as they walked from the parked car to Davies Symphony Hall.
      • He stood there holding it, examining its shimmering steel, the beads of moisture rolling off of it.
      • A group of ducks were bobbing off to the right, dipping their heads beneath the surface and returning seconds later, with beads of water rolling off their waxy feathers.
      • IT'S a freezing December day on the snow-covered mountains of Austria, but Darwen snowboarder Cindy Meller already has beads of perspiration on her forehead.
      • But once the pallbearers had executed their duties perfectly in the full gaze of the nation, their strained faces were clearly shown to be glistening with beads of perspiration.
      • She wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead, and continued to daydream of Alaska.
      • Making his way to one of the deep blue glass pillars that adorned the laboratory, he gently swept some beads of condensation off the surface.
      • By the time I'd turned on the engine in the drive and found my coat and gloves, the only frost traces that remained were beads of water easily flicked away by a swish of each set of wipers.
      • Despite the cold, a single clear bead of sweat slid down her chest.
      • Just standing in the dugout with the suit on, sweat rolled down my face, forming a seemingly huge bead at the end of my nose.
      • She stopped to wipe another bead of sweat from her forehead when a large shadow appeared and offered a little welcome relief from the sun.
      • I was appreciating each bead of water that hit my body.

  • 2

    (on gun)
    punto de mira masculine
    mira globular feminine
    • He was in the bathroom, he said, when he noticed the red bead of an automatic weapon's sighting trained on him.
    • Rather, they decided on a single fixed-leaf rear sight with a gold bead front sight.
    • It was off to Hamilton Bowen to be bead blasted and re-blued.
    • Bit-by-bit the bead of a gun sight assembled in her mind's eye and nestled between his thick eyebrows.
    • I am pretty certain that your gun's bead is threaded, but I don't know the size offhand.
  • 3

    (on tire)
    talón masculine
    • This is the distance between the vertical edges of the rim where the tire bead seats.
    • Wetting the beads of the tire and/or the mounting surfaces in the rim is important because it makes a better seal against the rim and slides easily onto the bead seat.
    • This refers to diameter of the metal ring, on which the bead of the tire rests.
    • Styled Wheels do not have the normal recess inside of the bead for standard hubcaps to mount into.
    • This makes it imperative that you only push one bead into the valley at a time, since there is not room for both in there, as there often is with a Mavic UST rim.
    • And if you put Slime or another sealant in them, which I recommend, this lubricates the installation of the final few inches of bead as well.
    • Nail or screw a 2X2 piece of wood flush with the bottom of the ledger, and lay a bead of sealant at the joint to prevent water infiltration.

transitive verb

  • 1

    his face was beaded with sweat tenía la cara cubierta de gotas de sudor
    • She came out of the bathroom with the pictures of the training facility, then used her mini blow dryer to dry the water which beaded the surface of the prints.
    • Flowers with their petals recently beaded with rain drops have a unique appeal, the very epitome of freshness.
    • The answer is in the minute details of the leaf structure at the surface which beads water and directs it off the leaf, containing a load of dust and other particles.
    • The tankard of beer was beaded with condensation and deliciously cold.
    • ‘Because once wouldn't be enough,’ he replied at last, tears beading his cheeks again.
    • Moisture is beaded on the windshield of the pick-up.
    • For example, the film opens in a rainstorm and you can see every drop of water beading on Harry's jacket; later on, there's a night scene in which grain explodes from the screen.
    • Like water beading on the surface of a freshly waxed car, the palladium formed granular clusters just a few nanometers across.
    • With moisture still beading on my skin, I took to my heels, only to run face first into someone's chest.
    • I wanted to imagine Gabe's arms around me, but I just felt prickly from the temperature and the sweat beading my skin.
    • Two glasses of iced tea sat on the counter, beaded with condensation.
    • ‘You're an idiot,’ I told myself as I let the hot steamy water bead down my body.
    • Tanner felt sweat bead on his upper lip: he had to stay still.
    • Vivienne struggled for an answer, feeling sweat bead along her nape and along her forehead, where her dark hair was already hanging limply from her shower.
    • Sweat beaded and fell from his brow like raindrops.
    • Sweat beaded on his forehead, and his shaking hands betrayed his feelings… He wanted to kill Jennifer, with every ounce of neural power in his mind.
    • I started, beaded in a cold sweat, breathing hard.
    • ‘You'll end up in Hell,’ Vincent interrupted, forcing out his words as sweat beaded on his forehead.
    • The water beaded and rolled off of ashen pinions.
    • Sweat beaded off her forehead and landed on her pillow.