Translation of beadle in Spanish:


pertiguero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbidl/ /ˈbiːd(ə)l/


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    History Religion
    pertiguero masculine
    • We also hear of a beadle in 1389 (this may have been when the office was created), a nightwatchman in 1406, and a clerk may be inferred from the recording of the electoral courts; however, these officers were appointed, not elected.
    • The verbal announcement of auctions by beadles, often accompanied by bells and drums, was common in both town and country.
    • Yet Oliver did want more; he knew what would land in his plate, if the beadle consented to his request, but he asked anyway.
    • They were led by their officers, town clerk Graham Gittins, borough beadle Alfie Johnson and mace bearers Tony Sansom and Derek Smithers.
    • This ‘musical thriller’ can be a large-scale, sceptical swoop on the great wen, taking in everyone from beggar to beadle.
    • There are the parish vestry, the parish infirmary, the parish surgeon, the parish officers, the parish beadle.
  • 2British

    bedel masculine, feminine