Translation of bean in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bin/ /biːn/

See Spanish definition of frijol


  • 1

    • 1.1(fresh, in pod)

      • We went to Notcutts and bought some compost since my bean seedlings are growing into triffids and need planting out ASAP.
      • About half the nation's $629 million dry edible bean crop is grown in those two states and Michigan.
      • There are also shell beans (lima, navy, kidney, mung, garbanzo and soya) that you can grow just for the bean seeds inside the pod.
      • In another experiment, bean plants grown from seed given increasing fractions of heavy water showed stunted growth compared with control plants given normal water.
      • Black eyed beans - small white kidney shaped bean with black spot at the sproutingpoint.
      • Adding educational content to the performance, audience members are presented with some seeds, cottonwool and directions on how to grow the beans.
      • Occupation and instruction, without dullness, can be provided by giving the students a plot of ground for growing things in - not a bed for the bean seed only, but a miniature market garden.
      • The beans are the seeds of the leguminous soybean plant.
      • They speak Quechua, the language of the Incas, herd alpaca and llamas and grow potatoes and beans, which they trade with their lowland neighbours for corn.
      • Smaller than kidney beans, red beans have a unique oval shape and are typically used in chili products and mixes.
      • It differs in several ways from small, red, dry beans now grown, beginning with improved resistance to bean common mosaic viruses.
      • He said he expects much of his work will involve Great Northern beans, as well as pintos and other types of dry edible beans.
      • The climate of the country allows beans to grow during most of the year, so they are a natural for inclusion in many dishes.
      • It could be toast or a tin of beans, and we drink tea.
      • All of the organic grains - wheat, spelt, dry edible beans - are big on the international market now.
      • As a youngster growing up in Salford he would eat only beans on toast.
      • She returned a few minutes later with some boiled yam, an onion and tomato sauce, fried plantain and a bean casserole.
      • Prior to this face saving embrace of bona fide produce, I considered potatoes and red beans the only edible vegetables.
      • These inhibitors are small proteins found in many plant seeds such as beans, a food regularly eaten by humans.
      • Despite my best efforts I have failed to consume 20 kg of pasta, 30 jars of peanut butter and 50 tins of beans in the last month.

    • 1.2(dried)

      frijol masculine
      alubia feminine Spain
      judía feminine Spain
      poroto masculine Southern Cone
      caraota feminine Venezuela

    • 1.3coffee bean

      grano (de café) masculine

  • 2 informal

    • 2.1mainly British (scrap, trace)

      she told us nothing, not a bean! ¡no nos dijo ni pío! informal
      • it isn't worth a bean no vale nada
      • Having the world's best beans doesn't mean beans unless they are roasted correctly.
      • When it comes to small businesses, the net profit doesn't mean beans because the seller is doing everything possible to keep this number low to avoid taxes.
      • There really isn't much to recycle in the ordinary light bulb, even the combination of glass and metal doesn't amount to beans.
      • Moravia that took her in and gave her a diploma as a social worker, even though she didn’t know beans about social work, or much else, for that matter.
      • I had heard of gout, but I didn’t know beans about it.

    • 2.2beans plural(money)

      platita feminine Latin America informal
      cuartos masculine Spain informal
      quintos masculine Mexico informal
      • I don't think Selina would even bid one bean for me.
      • Lio and Tracy have just spent their entire savings buying their first house and don't have a bean to spend on décor.
      • I have not one bean to my name after the UK jaunt.
      • I personally wouldn't spend a bean on Africa and nor would I vote for a party which made it a main plank of its manifesto.
      • Rumour has it he never spent a bean in his life.

    • 2.3US (head)

      coco masculine informal
      mate masculine South America informal
      • You gotta use your bean to get this right so, as they say in the military, listen up.
      • Every time you make a decision, take any action on your own responsibility, give and order or use your bean, you are preparing yourself for greater opportunities.
      • Why doesn't Foley use his bean and draft legislation prohibiting tornadoes from entering or coming near to trailer parks?

transitive verb

  • 1

    to bean sb darle un porrazo / un mamporro en la cabeza a algn informal
    • That felt better until a bunch of 12-year-olds started beaning me in the head with their tubes.
    • During the fifth inning though she was beaned by the ball while the opponent was at bat.
    • They're still waiting, in part because his 1998 season was ruined when he was beaned at midseason, and then he struggled with his confidence.
    • Coincidentally or not, he was beaned the day after his record-setting production of 18 total bases by Clem Labine of the Dodgers.
    • He grabbed her wrists and pulled her in to kiss the place where he had beaned her and leaned her head back while faking a grimace.
    • Didn't see anything like that, though I was almost beaned by a falling pinecone.
    • I fell on some poor girl in the audience and beaned her in the head with my guitar.
    • About a week later, Passeau, while warming up before a game, and after enduring a torrent of abuse from Durocher, suddenly wheeled and fired the ball into the Dodger dugout, nearly beaning the Brooklyn manager.
    • I had a very strong urge to bean her with a rock, because underneath the pier is littered with big ones, but I resisted.
    • Life has a way of throwing curve balls and John [Hager] got beaned by one when he acquired polio as an adult and lost the use of his legs.
    • In case you've lost your memory after being beaned in the head during a game of quidditch, the long-awaited sixth Harry Potter novel will be released next Friday at midnight.
    • Not two weeks ago I literally bumped into her at yoga: our mats were about twelve inches apart and we almost beaned each other rolling down out of supta konasana simultaneously.
    • My fiancee - civilized, gentle soul - once beaned a squirrel with an ice cube to keep the varmint from stripping her sunflowers bare.
    • The only positive aspect was that, short of being beaned by an errant golf ball, it looked as though I would survive the game without an injury for once.
    • I picked up the ball and pitched as hard as I could, beaning her square in the forehead.
    • In today's Boston Globe, there's a discussion with noted sports psychologist Harvey Dorfman, on why he thinks Matt Clement will successfully return to the mound after being beaned in the head by a line drive.
    • Outfielder Joe Medwick, another Hall of Famer who played for the Cardinals and Brooklyn Dodgers, was never quite as fearsome a hitter after being beaned in 1940.
    • In 1939, York was beaned twice, but according to Baseball Hall of Fame records in neither instance was it in a game played in Washington.
    • She hadn't been beaned in the head with anything either.
    • They meet after Tom beans Sarah in the head with a football.