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bean counter


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    • Enter the bean counter as Southwest's costs grow
    • A bean counter will say you should respond by cutting in other places, which usually means shifting the burden onto other people, especially your employees.
    • As a small business owner, you are not only the head honcho, but also the bean counter, chief salesman, IT boffin, tax specialist and marketing guru too.
    • For that, the steady hand of the bean counter is required and not the vision of the prospector manager.
    • Working in political theatre is even tougher, particularly if you start off as a student with a massive overdraft to clear and the wages of a bean counter.
    • Professor Roland Kaye, CIMA's president, delivered a pre-dinner speech in which he tried to give friendly advice about how to distinguish between management accountants and other bean counter types.
    • Before his media-management career, Johnson was a trained bean counter at KPMG Peat Marwick - the perfect stereotype of the new breed of newspaper bosses.
    • Maybe it's because he was a bean counter before he ventured into the world of custom knifemaking as a diversion to his somewhat formal career.
    • Somebody with a bean counter's soul has probably tabulated the waterfalls, as well.
    • No, that decision had been made long ago by a faceless bean counter who had calculated he was now a risk.
    • However, for the chief financial officer - a key post in any organization - the role of corporate bean counter is only part of the job.
    • The move from corporate bean counter to real estate mogul has been a profitable one.
    • But the mild-mannered former bean counter who succeeded extrovert entrepreneur Jimmy Lai at the helm of Giordano in 1994 wasn't talking about profit slumps, redundancies or store closures.
    • The long-time private CEO for the Kerry Stokes empire is himself a quiet, effective, tough Scottish bean counter.
    • Now the stereotype has morphed from the boring little bean counter to the mad, incompetent and corrupt fool placing the financial security of millions at risk.
    • The totals, if scrutinized, could possibly make the most seasoned bean counter blush.
    • Instead of requiring companies to record what their pension investments actually earn each year, accounting rules allow bean counters to assume a constant annual return.
    • They are temples to the French way of food which must surely never be allowed to come under the control of bean counters and marketing men.
    • It's no accident that the cheerfully cluttered workshop is three miles across town from the suits and bean counters at Williams-Sonoma's corporate headquarters.
    • The bean counters know that marketing matters.