Translation of beanbag in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbinˌbæɡ/ /ˈbiːnbaɡ/


  • 1also beanbag chair

    sillón formado por una gran bolsa rellena de cuentas de poliestireno etc
  • 2

    pequeño saco relleno que se arroja para que otro lo ataje (toy)
    • A Koho spot, from Young & Rubicam, Montreal, shows a bored youth in a '70s-era rec room playing a beanbag game until a Koho hockey bag crashes from above onto the game.
    • This ensures that the beans will be extra secure in the beanbag.
    • Examples include standing on one leg and throwing a beanbag from one hand to another to improve balance, co-ordination and cerebellar function.
    • Francesca's exercises included standing on one leg and throwing a beanbag from hand to hand with her eyes closed.
    • Hackysacks, beanbags, and draft dodgers are sometimes filled with crushed nut shells.
    • Make sure there is enough play space at home so that young children have many opportunities to crawl, walk, balance, and handle objects of different sizes, such as beanbags and multicolored balls.
    • When they tried to walk toward the targets after being blindfolded or threw beanbags at them, they nearly always missed.
    • And speaking of beanbag, out in the parking lot, a favorite activity of the tailgating fans, for some reason, was playing beanbag.
    • The exercises are designed to be simple and fun, for example getting children to stand on a cushion on one leg and then throw a beanbag from one hand to the other.
    • Kevin threw a small beanbag at him, which he had found in his seat after he had sat down.