Translation of beanery in Spanish:


restaurante barato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbinəri/ /ˈbiːnəri/

nounplural beaneries

  • 1

    restaurante barato masculine
    fonda feminine Latin America
    picada feminine Chile informal
    • A hospital cafeteria's mission statement, however, can put that of the most foppish of five-star beaneries to shame.
    • More than one fellow rubbernecker judged it fortunate the truck overturned before having a chance to careen across the gravel parking lot and through the beanery's front windows.
    • The Car Department building in the Here Yard was demolished along with the tiny beanery located between it and the yard office when Toronto Yard opened.
    • Across from the diesel shop, the Roundhouse Deli serves rail workers, taking the place of the old railroad beanery.
    • It's probably the heavy proliferation of this fine beanery that makes Second Cup so popular.