Translation of beano in Spanish:


parranda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbinoʊ/ /ˈbiːnəʊ/


  • 1

    parranda feminine informal
    juerga feminine informal
    jarra feminine Mexico informal
    • Anne Robinson, her of The Weakest Link, was in the Telegraph yesterday telling how she shared a car with a governor who regaled her on how great the beanos and dinners were - and didn't seem to care about the rest of the job.
    • ‘You'd get beanos with coachloads of men and women, drunk as lords by the time they got here, going wild,’ says Philip.
    • In the end, however, Young sickens of the relentless, soulless fakery of such beanos and retires to a humble life of scrivening in London.
    • Those marketing types still know how to organise a beano.
    • The Guild of Scriveners organises the beano, which involves teams dressed up in medieval garb sampling the beer in city centre pubs.
    • Within reason, let them have a beano - soda-pop, lime juice, or even milk shakes are quite safe in moderation.
    • Register security chiefs promised a total and immediate clampdown, centering on limiting access to PR bunnies and a complete ban on PR-sponsored lunchtime beanos.
    • Families are sure to enjoy a four-night Christmas beano at Pontin's, which starts from just £63 per person based on four sharing a self-catering budget apartment.
    • This may sound like a surreal vignette from Oktoberfest, Munich's annual booze beano, which kicks off this weekend, but this was a much more local, less commercialised affair.
    • From where I'm sitting they look revolting, as too do all those dreadful people you've invited along to your frozen food beano.
    • Those readers thinking of making their way to this year's Munich Oktoberfest to enjoy a bit a light stein-sucking are warned that the 2004 beer beano may a livelier affair than usual.
    • Send a Reg staffer to any corporate lunch, beano or junket (as long as you foot the bill).