Translation of bearable in Spanish:


soportable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrəb(ə)l/ /ˈbɛːrəb(ə)l/


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    • Drinkers will raise their glasses to toast brave children and make their suffering more bearable.
    • It is a credit to the cast that they manage to make this bearable.
    • You have made life in this strange existence almost bearable and you must accept my apologies.
    • The wind might make it more bearable but it perversely increases the burning, smoothing out the power of the sun but taking it deeper.
    • It's bearable for a while, but after an hour I feel like I'm going to go out of my mind.
    • NEC has been a good employer for 30 years and seems committed to making the closure as bearable as possible.
    • Anyway, when we grew up a bit more we discovered that each other's company was bearable enough after all.
    • Adverts like this make the terrible traffic on Kew Bridge slightly more bearable."
    • If he goes and Naya stays then the next month could be bearable.
    • Those medications don't take away all the pain, they bring the pain down to a level which is just bearable.
    • Flakes of green pepper and onions added much spiciness to the dish, but it was bearable for customers.
    • Simple, relaxing moments like this make the daily grind of being a student a little more bearable.
    • By no means a pleasant experience, this is a supermarket after all, but an eminently bearable one with zero stress.
    • Six hours later I was having steady bearable contractions so it was decided not to do anything else and just see how I got on.
    • For large numbers of farmers in Aunli, even the present costs are not bearable.
    • While still cold, it was bearable, tasting like a sparkling grape juice.
    • At times the characters seem clichéd, but they are bearable all the same.
    • The enforced wearing of flats is a terrible blow to anyone with an ounce of style, but it is bearable if you buy them from Marc Jacobs.
    • None of these assets made Catherine's worst times bearable, of course, but she was luckier than many.
    • It keeps them off the street, hence bringing less reputable areas back up to a more bearable living environment!