Translation of bearer in Spanish:


portador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrər/ /ˈbɛːrə/


  • 1

    (of news)
    portador masculine
    portadora feminine
    • If there was overoptimism, to what extent was it shaped by a White House intolerant of bearers of bad tidings?
    • The African tradition of killing the bearers of bad tidings has always been strong in the ANC.
    • The idea of involving my wife in this little spat that they're having with me because I was the bearer of bad tidings was neither honorable or dignified, quite apart from whether it was legal or illegal.
    • In the summer of 2001, after some fruitless attempts at recovery, the bearer of bad tidings at Murrayfield informed him, erroneously as it turned out, that his playing career was over.
    • No one wants to debate the future of Britain, because of another fine old tradition the bearer of bad tidings always got the chop.
    • It should not be surprising, then, that the bearer of the bad tidings that research in psychology does not validate ESP, is usually not greeted with enthusiasm.
    • Much to my dismay I am the bearer of bad tidings: Paramount has made the decision not to include even a single solitary supplement on this disc.
    • I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I'm quite certain life was not meant to be lived through an Excel spreadsheet.
    • In each three-man team, the gunner carries the launcher and tripod as a backpack, and the two bearers each carry two launch tubes as backpacks.
    • Sir Bobby Charlton and George Best were among VIPs holding the hi-tech baton, flanked by flag bearers carrying the flags of the Commonwealth nations.
    • A trumpeter from the force played the Last Post and two flag bearers carried the Union flag and the ceremonial flag.
    • The procession was preceded with the cross bearers carried by the altar servers.
    • The colourful procession was led by the 1st Huntingdon All Saints' Scout Band, and a flag bearer carrying St George's Cross.
    • The ofo can be used to prove the innocence of the bearer and can be carried to meetings in a leather bag, where it may receive libations.
    • Nikki, you have been elected by the Committee and the former US Flag bearers to carry ‘Old Glory’ into the Olympic stadium during the Opening Ceremonies.
    • Thus, in reality the appellation ‘Ebionites’ was one its bearers carried with pride because it referred to their eschewal of luxury and worldliness.
    • The wounded were increasing in number and more litter bearers were needed to carry them down.
    • The hereditary banner bearers would carry the Lyon Standard and the Saltire.
    • Rather than shooting the messenger, the Mail has decided to shoot the horse that carried the bearer of the news.
    • Often the bearer of bad news takes a little abuse at first.
  • 2

    (carrier, porter)
    portador masculine
    portadora feminine
    porteador masculine
    porteadora feminine
    • Then last year came his trip to Makalu: this time a much smaller expedition, just six Europeans and some Sherpas bearers.
    • We hired no bearers, preferring to transport our own expedition.
    • A new state law permits it, provided the bearer leaves the weapon in a locked car on the employer's property.
    • Able to operate under most weather conditions on all sorts of terrain, a human bearer can carry 60-80 pounds for fifteen miles in a day.
    • The professional ivory hunter generally carried his large medium-bore rifle while on foot and had his gun bearer carry the heavy rifle.
    • Each step of the last leg was a drudging journey, the heavy camera bearing down on the bearer's back.
  • 3pall bearer

    portador del féretro masculine
    portadora del féretro feminine
  • 4

    (of passport) titular masculine, feminine
    (of check) portador masculine
    (of check) portadora feminine
    the bearer of the title el poseedor del título
    • Bills payable to order are negotiated by indorsement and delivery: an indorsement in blank, specifying no indorsee, is payable to the bearer and negotiated by delivery.
    • An installment receipt is a corporate security that represents a share held by the bearer but only partially paid for.
    • The coupon entitles the bearer and up to three travel companions to a 10% discount off any published airfare.
    • The catch is that this paper is redeemable, meaning that at some future point it matures and then it must either be paid back, with the discount, to the bearer of that coupon.
    • The fact that a straight bill of lading cannot be treated in the same way as a bearer or order bill of lading does not detract from the fact that the present straight bill of lading meets the legal requirements to be considered as such.
    • Of course, the paper could still have been a ‘bearer note’ that said: ‘Pay to the bearer one ounce of gold’.
    • Because membership shares can't be sold on the open market, they aren't liquid and there is no way to confer upon the bearer expected present value of the firm's future earnings.
    • The provision does not assume that, if in its original tenor the cheque is payable to bearer, it cannot be changed to an order instrument by a special indorsement.