Translation of beargrass in Spanish:


hierba de oso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛrɡræs/ /ˈbɛːɡrɑːs/


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    hierba de oso feminine
    • On the floor of an ancient volcanic crater hidden deep within Washington's Gifford Pinchot National Forest, blue lupines and yellow mountain daisies poke through an open meadow padded with beargrass and moss.
    • A short walk on the 1 1/2-mile (one way) Hidden Lake Nature Trail will lead you past a subalpine meadow dotted with beargrass, to an overlook, and perhaps to a glimpse of mountain goats.
    • We tied napkins with beargrass and embellished them with lily pad-like Shortia, commonly sold as galax leaves.
    • Come recess, country boys would rush outside to reap stalks of wild beargrass which they would fashion into spears.
    • A spray of beargrass with little beads on was placed in the centre to give it the effect of a ballerina.