Translation of beastly in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbistli/ /ˈbiːstli/

adjective beastlier, beastliest

informal, dated
  • 1

    that beastly brother of hers el asqueroso de su hermano informal
    • what a beastly thing to do/say! ¡qué cosa más horrorosa de hacer/decir!
    • this beastly weather este tiempo horroroso
    • I can't get the beastly lid off no le puedo quitar la maldita tapa
    • And then I have great sympathy for him, as far as the press are concerned, because the press are pretty beastly to all the royal family these days.
    • Professor Hanson was being quite beastly to Jane when Dick's hand shot up amidst the sea of uniforms with a question.
    • While lecturing the men of Ireland in public about their mistreatment of women, they apparently had no problem being beastly to each other in the privacy of their home.
    • When she is not at her desk, nervy Virginia is being beastly to the staff, ordering her mutinous cook to make a train journey all the way from Richmond to the centre of town to get some sugar-ginger for lunch.
    • Why are women quite so beastly to each other in these post-feminist times?
    • Now see here, my good man, if we send these fellows back, will you promise not to be beastly to them?
    • When even well-meaning people get together in hierarchical, committee-rich structures, they do beastly things and call it progress.
    • What soft sensitivities did CNN's beastly behavior violate?
    • They give us a bracing insight into the beastly side of our own nature that can manifest itself in our leaders, even though we are a fundamentally decent people.
    • Also left to guesswork is the complicity of the prison authorities in this beastly society.
    • The police said that he was quite annoyed with his wife as she had protested against his beastly act.
    • It doesn't make you any more special than the rest of us, or excuse you for being so beastly.
    • At the same time, beastly community wardens are roaming around beady-eyed and as keen as mustard, driving the revellers, drug dealers, stolen property swappers and worse off the streets.
    • You have certainly suffered from some pretty beastly journalism at times.
    • Kennedy's lieutenants made it known they want him to quit, but would not be so beastly as to force him to go.
    • I tend to have little time for the argument that evil is an external property that is independent of any viewer or participant of the action mainly because it's often used by people to justify some quite beastly things.
    • He was always to be found sulking in a saturnine fashion and behaving in a beastly way to Margaret Lockwood or Ann Todd.
    • Anyway, I'd better stop being a beastly child and get on with it.
    • How man turns beastly to man as soon as you grant him an inch of power over his victim was very interesting, especially the power games and humiliation meted out.
    • It's beastly, but it can be treated, especially if it's caught early.
    • I once had a tiresome interview with his wife about the beastly thing.
    • Leeds, however, was dismissed in a letter as ‘a beastly place’, and Harrogate was ‘the queerest place, with the strangest people in it’.
    • But fear not as the boy wizard is only perfecting a little magic away from the prying eyes of his beastly uncle Vernon.
    • I used up my stash this morning when I went out to give my French beans some protection against beasties and beastly weather.
    • Scotland was the ‘blessed, beastly place’ and it filled his thoughts - and his work - wherever he happened to be.
    • It's been a beastly job - the builders had used some user-unfriendly adhesive, making the removal of the old vinyl a slow, messy and tedious task.
    • The weather today has been absolutely beastly.
    • Trampling in stilettos over her father's reputation, she reveals him as a drunken, hypocritical philanderer with a beastly temper.
    • Once there he got rid of those beastly worms, planted flowers and trees, and built his hundredth church, which he dedicated to the Holy Apostles.
    • So why all the beastly transmogrifications, I ask Kay over our lunchtime bowls of coconut and lime soup.
    • I wonder if you wouldn't find a self-destruct timer inside the beastly things if you knew where to look.
    • I'd been fiddling with the beastly thing for an hour and couldn't persuade it to come out.
    • It was a counter showing the beauty of his play and the beastly nature of luck.
    • Punk, let me remind you, had happened nine years earlier and had evolved into art rock sub-genres every bit as beastly as the muck that it had, in theory, swept aside.
    • I wish this beastly winter would hurry up & get over.
    • Mopp gear - the stuff soldiers have to wear to fend off the nasties - is not only beastly to wear, it also reduces your vision and slows down your optempo.
    • I swallowed my first bitter pill from this beastly industry, and have certainly learned a valuable lesson.
    • Yet again you moaned about how you hate acting, hate film-making and hate all the beastly attention.