Translation of beating in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbidɪŋ/ /ˈbiːtɪŋ/


  • 1

    to give sb a beating darle una paliza a algn
    • to give the carpets a beating sacudir las alfombras
    • This did not include punishment beatings by paramilitaries.
    • Disobedience led to punishment, including beatings, imprisonment, blackmail, and death threats.
    • Many of the so called punishment beatings issued are more commonly found to be retribution for engaging in trade on another persons patch.
    • Criminality and punishment beatings were only adjuncts to the substantive talks in December.
    • They are widely viewed as an alternative to paramilitary punishment attacks and beatings.
    • Police, who were called to the scene shortly before 8pm, believe Paul was the victim of a motiveless beating which could have involved up to 14 youths.
    • An American roller hockey player who was the victim of a vicious beating outside a Sheffield nightclub has been left blind in one eye.
    • Control was maintained by beatings and physical assault.
    • Indeed the war is not over, as according to this view, there are ongoing attacks and punishment beatings.
    • Her mother followed behind, a frazzled young woman who looked to be a victim of frequent beatings.
    • The soul of the samurai was judged for forty-nine days, and punished with a beating if his answers were not satisfactory to the ears of the fierce judge.
    • Punishment for women and girls who violate these laws include beatings and imprisonment.
    • The former civil servant has endured beatings, solitary confinement and death threats while in prison.
    • Many of those arrested reported beatings and instances of torture.
    • Seven men were involved in the beating, which left one of the victims with head gashes.
    • A man finds out his son is using heroin and decides to go punish the dealer with a sound beating.
    • A gunshot wound on the man's left arm did not appear sufficiently serious to have caused his death - the likely cause was internal bleeding following a beating.
    • The fight was indeed competitive but it probably afflicted him with the worst beating in his entire boxing career.
    • The submission of Clopton to his beating was symbolic of the defeat the Confederacy would suffer in less than a year.
  • 2

    paliza feminine informal
    • It was indeed a battle for the fittest and reputations did take a severe beating once the competitions gained momentum.
    • Chrysler, like Ford and GM, has taken a beating from Asian competitors thanks in part to a dated line-up of cars.