Translation of beauty in Spanish:


belleza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbjudi/ /ˈbjuːti/

nounplural beauties

  • 1

    • 1.1(quality)

      belleza feminine
      hermosura feminine
      beauty contest concurso de belleza
      • beauty pageant concurso de belleza
      • beauty (care) products productos de belleza
      • beauty treatment tratamiento de belleza

    • 1.2informal (advantage)

      the beauty of the plan/method is that … lo bueno del plan/método es que …
      • Regardless of the somewhat touristy aspect, the beauty of learning in a class environment is that it removes the male-determined version of sexy.
      • The frame is usually fully expressed on the interior of the building to take advantage of the beauty of the timber frame joinery.
      • Take the whole family on a walk around the neighborhood or to a trail for a hike and take advantage of the beauty of nature.
      • The beauty of this aspect to Aphex is that he always remembers to shove a melody in there, even if it's hidden beneath layers of tinfoil hammered percussion and walls of groaning sequencers.
      • That's the beauty of hidden assets: They turn size and experience into an advantage over newcomers.
      • I saw immediately the benefit, the beauty of the movement, the efficiency and the marriage.
      • This is the beauty of the position: I don't see what Black can do to achieve real play!
      • The beauty of the Hollywood Plus is that the system requirements are not very taxing at all.
      • The beauty of the marble skin was one aspect of the building that nineteenth-century visitors to Agra frequently celebrated.
      • That's the beauty of a band - everyone pulls his own weight.
      • It was my father who drew my attention to the beauty of its message of redemption in the days when I was an agnostic.
      • The beauty of the storm means her self-esteem is strong.
      • The beauty of this book is that Allen pulls no punches as he tackles the difficult topics, and that Schumacher's response is to give as good as he gets.
      • That's the beauty of where Apple has positioned itself.
      • That's the beauty of leverage and the big attraction of property.
      • It is rare to see this much theatre performed in one evening, and the beauty of the Lorca Trilogy is that the plays may be viewed together, yet stand on their own as individual productions.
      • That's the beauty of wearing your dark shades during a social exchange you find less than thrilling, no one sees what you're thinking by reading your eyes.
      • But the beauty of this disc lies in the subtlety.
      • That's the beauty of it: I think we can get there.
      • However the beauty of the FAI Cup is that its foundations are built on the possibility of David slaying Goliath, so we, the supporters, will travel in hope.

  • 2

    • 2.1(woman)

      belleza feminine
      beldad feminine
      Beauty and the Beast la Bella y la Bestia
      • Across the aisle, six blonde beauties also celebrating a birthday laughed too loud and drank champagne.
      • You either decide to remain a brunette beauty, or go blonde.
      • There she was, my best friend's sister, not a classic beauty, but a beauty none the less.
      • Many of the companies are like professional beauties in a beauty pageant, with figurative knives in each other's back.
      • Not only that, Visconti needed a dark beauty while Fellini wanted me to be blonde.
      • The platinum blonde American was doing what legendary beauties did best in those days - living the life of a committed hedonist.
      • If selecting a beauty queen from the current beauties was so problematic, imagine the hazards in selecting ‘all time’ beauty queens.
      • Perfectly coifed beauties arrive on schedule for their evening amusements; crown princes are whisked to their Tower suites in private elevators.
      • I'm not one of those tall, long-legged blonde, redhead, or ravenhaired beauties with green or blue eyes and a figure to kill for.
      • The Miss Bulgaria 2001 beauty contest gathered together 33 sparkling beauties from all parts of the country on Sunday.
      • Moreover, he was a billionaire, he dated numerous Hollywood beauties; married three of them and remained a recluse most of his life.
      • Find out the latest fashion statements as ravishing beauties from Bangalore in exotic outfits gang up to jinx you.
      • Don't miss the beauties who were pictured in last week's Nationalist.
      • She's an odd duck, to be sure, not a beauty nor a standout a mousy bad dresser who twirls her hair and sniffles all the time.

    • 2.2informal (fine specimen)

      preciosidad feminine
      preciosura feminine Latin America
      maravilla feminine
      • In fact, it is a beauty fished off the beach or rocks.
      • The level of quality here is therefore really high, many of the items are brand name and all are beauties, in excellent condition, and timely as per current retro.
      • As an architectural beauty it is one of the worst examples of its era.
      • Even if you don't fish, check out these beauties at the J.D. Wagner web page.
      • As we survey these beauties and discuss their medicinal virtues, please do not get too carried away with notions of utilitarianism.
      • We were pleased to come up with two beauties we haven't seen since we started birding, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and American Redstart.
      • Mahan's tee shot is a beauty down the left side of the fairway.
      • That said, this man against Mother Nature story is a realbeauty, with incredible audio to match.