Translation of beauty salon in Spanish:

beauty salon

salón de belleza, n.


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    salón de belleza masculine
    • And in between you will find a beauty salon, hairdresser and a small fitness centre.
    • Staff in the beauty salon attend to the bride's hair and make-up.
    • With this prescription in hand, Jane was despatched to York hair and beauty salon Sota Hairdressing in Micklegate for a new hair-do and makeover.
    • Yesterday as I drove to the beauty salon for my haircut, I was behind a big truck that had this written on the back.
    • Within my eyesight was an investment company, a service station, a funeral home, a beauty salon, and a grocery story.
    • Camelot also provides a hair salon and a beauty salon.
    • I own a beauty salon and purchased a ticket from one of my clients who was taking part in the fashion show.
    • After just one massage in the beauty parlour of a star-rated hotel, the size of his waistline was reduced by 2 centimetres.
    • It may not be advisable to buy expensive beauty treatment equipment to set up a beauty parlour in your home if you have limited space and finances.
    • Miss Hamilton had finished an art and design course at Trowbridge College, was working in a beauty salon in Devizes and planned a career as a hairdresser.
    • And I was aware in a vague, wondering way that for many women, a visit to a beauty salon was as normal as a visit to the hairdresser.
    • As a regular member of the Chemo Club for the last seven years, it seems like I've spent more time in the wig shop than the beauty salon.
    • With his wife's help, he opened a cosmetics department and developed a beauty salon over his brother's sports shop next door.
    • Melissa and Jessyca had plans to open a beauty salon and were very good and hair and makeup.
    • Cohen saw potential in a beauty parlour where women could get make-up done, have eyebrows plucked or false eyelash extensions applied.
    • My old barber, astute entrepreneur that he was, turned his barber shop into a salon, and later into a beauty parlour for men.
    • The beauty salon smelled like nail polish and hairspray.
    • I went to get a haircut, and found the beauty parlour completely empty.
    • As a licensed cosmetologist, CeCe owned and managed a beauty salon in Detroit.
    • Beauty Paradise is an exclusive beauty salon in Bains Centre in Pioneers Park in Windhoek.