Traducción de because en Español:


porque, conj.

Pronunciación /biˈkəz/ /bɪˈkɒz/

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  • 1

    he left because he wanted to se fue porque quiso
    • because he loves her, he doesn't see it como la quiere, no se da cuenta
    • but why? — because! ¿pero por qué? — ¡porque sí!
    • The reason for this is because they had been trying for a baby for the last few years.
    • The reason the party is in this mess is because it has not been honest with the voters.
    • So far the council has sold us down the river each time because it is strapped for cash.
    • It will take so long because the site has a slope and the ground needs to be levelled.
    • He said he wanted to talk to me but I rejected him because it was so early in the morning.
    • They are often put off going to toddler groups because it is mainly mums who go to them.
    • The thieves ordered him to open the safe, but because it was on a time lock he could not.
    • We were at a loss because if we had known how to obtain a disc, we would have done so.
    • We as adults do not lash out at one another just because we don't do as each other wants.
    • He did not appear at the hearing but said he did not pay because the firm could not afford it.
    • Old Town is liked because it shows how Swindon used to be and we wanted to fit in with that.
    • We are not going to take them down because if we take them down we will be letting our kids down.
    • He said the car was a lifeline because he was disabled and his wife was the main driver.
    • My wife and I regularly go into town to shop or to walk around because we love it so much.
    • Apparently she went into a pub because she had no change in her purse to call me back.
    • Everyone is throwing their hat in the ring because this is the last chance to do a deal.
    • Up until then it had been very hard on some levels because my family moved around a lot.
    • We must have looked cold because one of her minders came out and asked us in for a cup of tea and a bit of cake.
    • Have you been unable to put a book down because you just have to know what happens next?
    • They want me to move my van from where I park it because they want to fence off the area.
  • 2

    because of por
    • because of the thunderstorm por la tormenta
    • I did it because of you lo hice por ti
    • I was two hours late because of him llegué con dos horas de retraso por su culpa