Translation of become in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bəˈkəm/ /bɪˈkʌm/

See Spanish definition of favorecer

intransitive verb became, become

  • 1

    to become arrogant/distant volverse arrogante/distante
    • to become famous/well-known hacerse famoso/conocido
    • to become accustomed to sth acostumbrarse a algo
    • she soon became bored/tired/disillusioned pronto se aburrió/se cansó/se decepcionó
    • eating out has become so expensive comer fuera se ha puesto carísimo
    • the heat became unbearable el calor se hizo / se volvió insoportable
    • if the work becomes too much for you … si el trabajo se te hace demasiado pesado …
    • his letters became fewer cada vez escribía menos
    • he became increasingly withdrawn se encerró cada vez más en sí mismo
    • to become a lawyer/a priest/a protestant hacerse abogado/sacerdote/protestante
    • he was later to become manager más tarde llegaría a ser gerente
    • they became friends se hicieron amigos
    • the two states became one los dos estados se convirtieron en uno
    • she's becoming a nuisance se está poniendo muy fastidiosa
    • when she became President cuando asumió la presidencia
    • don't let it become a habit! ¡que no se convierta en una costumbre!
    • After several listens, however, a rare aesthetic begins to become clear.
    • The edges of the job are beginning to become clear, and it's all terribly exciting.
    • As the picture begins, it soon becomes clear that Lee is offering more than a mere recounting of generic forms.
    • The Australian culture and identity began to change, becoming more cosmopolitan from this point onward.
    • But by that night she was becoming increasingly distressed.
    • When the truth begins to emerge it becomes apparent that the rumours of affairs were hearsay, but a darker secret of family ties lies beneath them.
    • If the file becomes popular, copies begin to sprout up around the internet, at no extra cost.
    • Stir the boiling liquid from time to time, until it begins to thicken and becomes syrupy.
    • It was a time when the sorts of changes we had seen coming as a result of the collapse of communism were beginning to become really apparent.
    • Jim stopped playing in the band in the 1950s when smaller rock and roll groups began to become more popular.
    • They tasted good but would have tasted even better if the sabayon had not begun to split and become cold by the time it reached the table.
    • When exams are over, and summer begins, we become more active and trim down a bit.
    • Over a period of ten minutes I saw them become violent and begin twisting in all sorts of directions.
    • It will happen if the populations become richer and begin to think they have a stake in prosperity.
    • Two weeks after filming began, it became evident that it would work.
    • Then, when the cameras finally began rolling, it became apparent that the film was running way over schedule.
    • The group was amazing and week after week, we became closer and began to reveal our stories.
    • Six months before he began writing, he became dangerously ill with pneumonia.
    • Airen was becoming angry and impatient with Bowen, and began to regret telling him the story.
    • From Oklahoma on, the landscape began to change - becoming more hilly with lots more trees.

transitive verb became, become

  • 1 formal

    ser apropiado para
    it ill becomes her to criticize mal puede ella criticar
  • 2

    that style doesn't become you at all ese estilo no te sienta nada bien / no te favorece en absoluto
    • In her monastic habit she looked coarse and overblown: the severe lines and sober tints of the dress did not become her.