Translation of bed-hop in Spanish:


ir de cama en cama, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛdhɑp/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    ir de cama en cama informal
    • For one thing, it has led to an increase in sexually-transmitted diseases, forcing sexually active teens to think twice about bed-hopping.
    • Jack used to say that they all loved reading it and they were upset if they didn't get a mention, but with all the libellous mentions and all the goss about bed-hopping and all that sort of thing, it was absolutely riveting reading.
    • It matters because, despite my feelings for my sister, I know she's not the type to bed-hop… or whatever you would call it in this situation.
    • They've far better sex lives than binge-drinking, bed-hopping twentysomethings.
    • Caviezel is less than convincing in the crucial role of the accused, while Peet is merely annoying and wasted as Judd's ditsy, bed-hopping sister.
    • The output of a booming film industry is obsessed with two themes - the chaos spawned by bed-hopping males and the thrills and spills of messing with magic.
    • She comes across as an indiscriminate easy lay, first bed-hopping for the thrill of it and, later, only when it's to her advantage.
    • More than just another tale about a sleazy bed-hopping lead character who gets his comeuppance, Satisfy My Soul is a smoldering love story with tantalizing dialogue and gritty text.
    • Meimei is a successful interior designer battling with infertility and married to an unfaithful husband, while Andien, a bed-hopping wife is also married to an unfaithful husband.
    • Negotiating your way through the flirting etiquette of your average London private member's club, for example, is a social nightmare of bed-hopping, secrets and lies.
    • Charlie's frequent bed-hopping was a strange thing to be hurt by, but every time he did this, Evander felt that pang of pain and disappointment that he never showed.
    • There's a little bed-hopping, a lot of tears, and, finally, fond farewells.
    • A frustrated Los Angeles writer, who is also a casualty of the bed-hopping Nicole, tells the story.
    • Hamish shrugged, not wanting to let her know the real reason behind his bed-hopping ways.
    • The 33-year-old actress has claimed the British are all bed-hopping partner swappers, the Mirror reported.