Translation of bed rest in Spanish:

bed rest

reposo en cama, n.


  • 1

    reposo en cama masculine
    • One of the most dramatic has been the abandonment of bed rest as a treatment for low back pain and its replacement by early activity and exercise.
    • This may range from limiting normal activities to complete bed rest for three to five days.
    • He was admitted for bed rest and physiotherapy.
    • After she had completed 2 hours of bed rest, her vital signs were stable.
    • They had nine days of complete bed rest, and then they were sent home on the 10th day.
    • Rest at home, although complete bed rest should not be necessary.
    • Treatment is aimed at lowering blood pressure and includes bed rest and drugs, usually in hospital where the condition can be monitored constantly.
    • In the past, patients with any major medical illness were placed on prolonged bed rest.
    • The most effective treatment, the programme seemed to say, was bed rest.
    • Because of this, doctors often suggest bed rest and prescribe medication to alleviate the symptoms.
    • Previously, bed rest was frequently prescribed for patients with back pain.
    • A doctor visited Baksh at her Biche home yesterday and prescribed bed rest and medication after examining her.
    • Clinical care emphasized strict bed rest for 6 weeks and supportive care.
    • Though he did not discuss his experience with anyone he was ill enough for a doctor to be called who prescribed complete bed rest.
    • Decades ago, the only recommendation for people with serious heart problems was bed rest - and many weeks of it.
    • Patients are restricted to bed rest the first postoperative night.
    • Long periods of inactivity, such as long-term bed rest.
    • There's no problem with bed rest for a child who feels ill enough to stay in bed.
    • Some doctors advocate bed rest immediately after such injury to prevent post-traumatic problems.
    • He was treated with bed rest and later discharged to his home in Ireland.