Translation of bedevil in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bəˈdɛvəl/ /bɪˈdɛv(ə)l/

transitive verb bedeviling, bedeviled, bedevilling, bedevilled

  • 1

    the project was bedeviled with / by problems from start to finish el proyecto estuvo plagado de problemas del principio al fin
    • Treating the Universe as a hologram might solve one of the biggest problems bedeviling modern physics.
    • This is the Buenos Aires I have fallen in love with, full of inconsistencies, bedeviled by its tragic circumstances.
    • Legal issues continue to bedevil the e-book market.
    • For investors, management's focus on cash flow is important since consumption trends may continue to bedevil the industry.
    • In spite of the precision and speed of information, fog and friction will continue to bedevil military operations.
    • Without a low-cost way to get into orbit this problem will continue to bedevil the space industry and its supporters.
    • Domestically, complaints about university tuition fees and the state of the health service continue to bedevil him.
    • The result was a profound ethnic divide that continues to bedevil political life.
    • Gone are the spelling rules that bedeviled many students' days.
    • My three-day tour in the French Basque country was bedevilled by all sorts of trouble.
    • It is these inequalities that bedevil the operations of the troubled music companies, as much as piracy.
    • These are questions that have long bedeviled historians who study children and childhood in early modern Europe.
    • He said: ‘We started off very well but then work was bedevilled by delays due to supply of materials and bad weather.’
    • What I don't understand is why this tragic case should be an occasion for the partisan hatred which currently bedevils our public life.
    • I think you should have listened and paid attention to what he said in terms of the difficulty, because that's what bedevils us right now.
    • But this is a problem which bedevils political thought everywhere.
    • I'd say that what bedevils Pop now is its lack of artiness.
    • Uncertainty over what to do with nuclear waste bedevils nuclear power.
    • It is time to put a stop to the crisis management that bedevils our health system.
    • The debate over how to deal with illegal immigrants has bedeviled the country for years.