Translation of bedfellow in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛdˌfɛloʊ/ /ˈbɛdfɛləʊ/


  • 1

    to make strange bedfellows hacer una extraña pareja
    • the crisis has brought together some strange bedfellows la crisis ha creado peculiares alianzas / extraños compañeros de alcoba
    • Britten and Mozart? unlikely bedfellows for a concert series! ¿Britten y Mozart? ¡qué extraña combinación para una serie de conciertos!
    • Plus, world politics makes for strange bedfellows.
    • In this context, politics created strange bedfellows.
    • History takes strange turns and politics makes strange bedfellows.
    • Heritage and recent history are strange bedfellows in today's political establishment.
    • Politics sometimes really does make for strange bedfellows.
    • Politics and network television programming make strange bedfellows.
    • Do tourism and religion make strange bedfellows?
    • Industry and the environment are often seen as strange bedfellows.
    • But at the last minute, I went with my own thoughts and voted no, in spite of joining such strange bedfellows by so doing.
    • Music and cartoons might seem like strange bedfellows to most.
    • Campaigns like this can attract some strange bedfellows.
    • Let me live in my dream world where strange bedfellows become welcome friends.
    • Art and war may seem strange bedfellows, but often the needs of the one are answered by the other.
    • Lenders will soon have a bedfellow to share their disturbing secrets.
    • Music and performance art can be awkward bedfellows.
    • Chaos and desperation became familiar bedfellows.
    • Good storytelling and allegory make uncomfortable bedfellows.
    • In general, violence and romance are uneasy bedfellows.
    • History and Hollywood have always been uneasy bedfellows.
    • But there are important ways in which liberty and equality are natural bedfellows.