Translation of bedraggled in Spanish:


desaliñado, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈdræɡəld/ /bɪˈdraɡ(ə)ld/


  • 1

    (hair) despeinado
    (hair) enmarañado
    (wet) empapado
    • The poor garden is looking bedraggled: dry and dishevelled.
    • He had dragged himself from the bed in a tangle of blankets, his hair tousled and bedraggled like a farmer's hay stack that had been left out in the rain.
    • Jamie grunted, combing down his long, bedraggled, messy hair with his hand.
    • It was a woman, dirty, bedraggled and unkempt, but a woman nonetheless.
    • That, in addition to the bedraggled, disheveled and altogether weary face, created for Will a none-too-familiar picture.
    • The hurricane's eye also passed close to Port Arthur, Texas, another petrochemical town where bedraggled refugees spent a wet and noisy night trying to sleep on a hotel lobby carpet - until a gust blew in the windows.
    • I can see my reflection in the mirror, but I do not want to see the bedraggled, red-streaked hair and the angry, sad expression.
    • Her face loomed over his - blotchy with tears, eyes swollen, hair bedraggled.
    • All day long, rescuers in boats and helicopters plucked bedraggled flood refugees from rooftops and attics.
    • I wondered in alarm, seeing all the available dry spaces being crowded out by the bedraggled refugees.
    • Her long hair was in a bedraggled mess and her normally fair skin was flushed red.
    • Milly was sitting on the bed, her hair bedraggled and looked up in surprise when I ran in.
    • McLellan may have been wet, bedraggled and muddied but she could still raise a big smile at the prospect of making that first underground sighting of a wombat, cosy and safe, far down in its den.
    • After scrambling up the steep banks and ploughing through the undergrowth with my boat in tow, I emerged bedraggled and muddy.
    • Her red hair looked messy, very bedraggled and her clothing…
    • His hair was bedraggled; some of it fell in the dark waves as intended, but the rest of it was divided between twisting away in haphazard directions and matting itself to his head.
    • Her pink dress was bedraggled, her hair sopping wet.
    • After about half an hour of inability to go back to sleep, I ran a hairbrush through my bedraggled hair and stumbled down four flights of stairs to get to the dining hall.
    • The door came flying open showing a depressed creature, bedraggled, with hair tangled and sticking out in odd directions.
    • His hair was chaotically bedraggled, obviously soaked as well as sporadically covered with soapy foam.
    • So after a week of that, we could look pretty darn emaciated and bedraggled.