Translation of bedridden in Spanish:


postrado en cama, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛdˌrɪdn/ /ˈbɛdrɪd(ə)n/


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    postrado en cama
    • It saved his life but left him severely disabled: unable to speak, bedridden, and paralysed for eight months before he died.
    • He was bedridden and immobile, and literally nothing but skin and bone by the end.
    • Anatoli, 38, has been bedridden for the last two years, crippled by the same disease.
    • Lusty young rock bands and just about everyone else shuddered at the prospect of bedridden helplessness and a general loss of independence.
    • She tenderly cares for her bedridden mother (euthanasia not being next on her agenda).
    • They were an ancient bedridden couple, propped up side-by-side on pillows.
    • And I was the last person to interview William Gerhardy, who was then bedridden and about 90.
    • A woman calls on behalf of her husband, Luis, who is bedridden because of serious pain and swelling in his legs.
    • Being bedridden and isolated eventually bores Christiane, so she requests her television set.
    • Every 30-40 days I am bedridden with high fever, pain on both sides of neck and am unable to eat.
    • During their stay, some of them have fallen ill and are bedridden.
    • Like the English cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, John began drawing to while away the hours when bedridden as a child.
    • When the evictors arrived at one home they found only a bedridden woman, Margaret Mackay, who was almost 100 years old.
    • From then he was bedridden and he died in hospital 12 weeks later.
    • But I'm not ready yet because it hurts a lot and I would be bedridden for at least eight months.
    • About five years ago, she developed unbearable pain in her knee joints and has been bedridden since then.
    • She has to make sure she turns the bedridden every two hours, or they will get bedsores.
    • I have been bedridden for 10 years, so I have had quite a lot of different carers over the years.
    • The old lady was helplessly bedridden but was nursed to health by this caring neighbour.
    • The father-of-two was bedridden for months as he battled to overcome extensive injuries.