Translation of bedrock in Spanish:


lecho de roca, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛdˌrɑk/ /ˈbɛdrɒk/


  • 1

    lecho de roca masculine
    roca firme feminine
    the bedrock of his theory los cimientos / la base de su teoría
    • These terms were to remain as the bedrock of his artistic principles even though his manner and procedures of painting were to change quite radically.
    • Give them a clear standard that is in accordance with the bedrock principles of our nation.
    • We need cool heads, warm hearts and our bedrock values of fairness and equality to choose the right path.
    • Surely patient confidentiality is one of the bedrocks on which good medical practice is based.
    • Physics gave him a solid foundation, the bedrock for all his beliefs about the universe.