Translation of bedroom in Spanish:


dormitorio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛdˌrum/ /ˈbɛdˌrʊm/ /ˈbɛdruːm/ /ˈbɛdrʊm/


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    dormitorio masculine
    habitación feminine
    cuarto masculine
    pieza feminine Latin America
    recámara feminine Mexico
    to make bedroom eyes at sb mirar con ojos seductores a algn
    • bedroom slippers pantuflas
    • The plans for the renovated house show three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.
    • Two upstairs bedrooms, the living room and kitchen were left open to the elements overnight.
    • Although basic, their wood hut had a kitchen, dining room, two bedrooms and shower.
    • There are four bedrooms, two dressing rooms and two bathrooms on the first floor.
    • There were two living rooms and a kitchen downstairs, three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.
    • On the second floor are five bedrooms and two reception rooms, with a flat occupying the third floor.
    • There was no place to sit in the sitting room, to dine in the dining rooms, or to sleep in the bedrooms.
    • There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, two reception rooms and a private patio garden to the front.
    • The farmhouse has four bedrooms upstairs and four rooms on the ground floor.
    • It is currently run as a hotel and has three public rooms and eight bedrooms.
    • There were three bedrooms and a kitchen, with a rectangular living room in the middle.
    • The house had six bedrooms, a big living room and a cramped kitchen with a pantry out the back.
    • The houses vary in size, with a choice of one to four bedrooms, sleeping up to eight.
    • It was a small cozy home with three bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a decent living room.
    • As well as four bedrooms, the house has a drawing room, dining room, kitchen and a study.
    • The home has four bedrooms and one very large sitting room with a separate family room.
    • A third staircase leads from the second floor to two more bedrooms in the attic.
    • The three main bedrooms are upstairs, with a family bathroom, shower room and a study.
    • They wouldn't need more than two bedrooms but the kitchen and a garden are important.
    • The new cabin is superb with two double bedrooms each with ensuite bathrooms.