Translation of bedside in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɛdˌsaɪd/ /ˈbɛdsʌɪd/


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    they sat at his bedside throughout the night pasaron toda la noche junto a su cabecera
    • she has a nice bedside manner tiene una forma de tratar a los pacientes muy agradable
    • Yet all of the participants in the study had family members at their bedsides in the holding area because family members had to be present to drive them home after the surgical procedure.
    • If there had been a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit on the bedside table, it would have been the perfect way to wake up.
    • The woman resident could not sleep, turned on the bedside lamp and started to read.
    • The maid puts the morning tray on a bedside table and throws open the bedroom curtains.
    • To be fair, Jez put up a bedside table and a chest of drawers for my bedroom yesterday.
    • There was a double bed, made nicely and a bedside table with a small lamp and alarm clock.
    • Now patients are more likely to have a private room and a bedside keypad to choose a lunch created by top chefs.
    • He laid his bag down on the bed to take out his plants and put them on the bedside table.
    • I wake up on time, greatly due to the fact that I set three alarms last night and put them all on my bedside table.
    • She sat down on her bed and picked up the phone that was lying on her bedside table.
    • I felt tears approaching, but I blinked them away as I crossed the room to his bedside.
    • The one-on-one interaction of patient and musician created a crucial intimacy; the expressions on the faces of friends and family members at the patients' bedsides revealed a deep sense of connection and release.
    • These throngs of people standing in high-profile vigils could disperse and go individually to thousands of bedsides and visit those who suffer in isolation.
    • The British High Commission in South Africa was yesterday involved in arrangements for relatives to travel to the bedsides of the injured, and for the return home of the victims' bodies.
    • Their mum and dad, Noureen, 34, and Ehsan, 36, who works as a security guard, have been at their bedsides.
    • They sit at the kids' bedsides, fanning and comforting their cancer-ridden offspring.
    • Volunteers visited patients at their bedsides to take requests for songs as well as talking to visitors and staff for the show.
    • They can't be at their bedsides, but they are recording story tapes for their families to listen to at home.
    • By the women's bedsides are an assortment of family members, and I ask them what happened.
    • The couple sat by the bedside of their heavily sedated son and explained to him what they were thinking of doing.