Translation of bedspread in Spanish:


cubrecama, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛdˌsprɛd/ /ˈbɛdsprɛd/


  • 1

    cubrecama masculine
    colcha feminine
    • Use red or green coloured pillow covers and bedspreads in the bedroom.
    • There are beautifully designed bedsheets, bedspreads, carpets, bed covers, pillow covers and cushions.
    • He opened it up to reveal navy blue walls, and a bed covered with a thin bedspread.
    • So in terms of home furnishing it is expected to have curtain, bedspreads, cushion covers etc.
    • Looking again she realised there wasn't a mattress on the bed, just a thin bedspread covering a divan, with drawers underneath.
    • She lunged and landed on her queen sized bed, which was covered in a pink bedspread.
    • Then I've got me (in socks), my hot water bottle, and then two duvets, a blanket and a bedspread.
    • I had a day bed in the corner by the window with a purple bedspread, blue sheets, and a purple pillow.
    • There is a double bed up against one of the walls and a single opposite it, covered in shabby bedspreads with even more burn holes than our previous covers.
    • Everything has gone,’ said Ms Nkandu who orders blankets and bedspreads from Tanzania.
    • Soon they'd have enough money to but the children another mattress, with sheets and bedspreads, too.
    • A collection of antique quilts and bedspreads are pressed into service for those who prefer to lounge on the grass.
    • I want to stay under the protection of the green bedspread and white sheets forever as if it is my cocoon away from everyone else.
    • The bed was a large queen size one, with white sheets and a white bedspread with pink embroidered flowers on it, something my wife Michelle requested.
    • The bed was an ordinary bed with a black bedspread and white pillows.
    • The long blond hair fanned about her on the pillow, across the bedspread.
    • Her bedspread was decorated with all sorts of Asian scripts, which was an impressive sight on her bed.
    • My bedspread and pillows were all dark green and had two black stripes going diagonally across them.
    • A large bed with a purple bedspread dominated one wall, covered in stuffed animals in a variety of colors.
    • Rochelle tugged at her bedspread so it would fall forward and cover all the junk hidden under her bed.