Translation of beechnut in Spanish:


hayuco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbitʃˌnət/ /ˈbiːtʃnʌt/


  • 1

    hayuco masculine
    • Even maple and ash seeds, with their helicopter-like samaras, may float only a few dozen yards on the wind, while larger seeds, such as acorns, beechnuts, and hickory nuts, drop like stones.
    • Omnivorous, mainly vegetarians in the winter, jays eat many kinds of nuts and seeds, including acorns, beechnuts, grain, berries, and small fruit.
    • Although their diet includes some acorns and beechnuts in the fall, pileated woodpeckers eat mostly ants, flying insects, grubs, and some seeds and fruits.
    • They were not to be felled or damaged because acorns and beechnuts were important pig fodder, and therefore constituted a source of income for the state.
    • They occurred throughout Eastern North America where they fed on acorns and beechnuts.
    • We picked up horse chestnuts on the corner for the feel and look of them, and then gathered acorns and hazelnuts and beechnuts in the woods.