Translation of beefburger in Spanish:


hamburguesa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbifbərɡər/ /ˈbiːfbəːɡə/


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    hamburguesa feminine
    • Half an hour later, I left laden with gammon steaks, beefburgers, bacon, a side of beef, poultry, a bag of aubergines and two dozen eggs - all from local producers.
    • Only the beefburgers and pork kebabs were slightly dry.
    • And from the start of the next academic year new, although as yet unspecified, standards on the content of processed foods like beefburgers, sausages and cakes will be introduced with a view to reducing fat, salt and sugar consumption.
    • A turkey burger is sweeter and lighter than a beefburger and can be teamed with all or any of your favourite burger toppings, from melted cheese to mustard or dill pickles.
    • Here you will find pies, sausages, extra large beefburgers, all made on the premises fit to grace the finest of tables, not to mention the high-quality meats available.
    • I had a beefburger with salad for €3.55.
    • Apart from the beefburgers and sausages that were left in the fridge, of course;
    • Prior to 1986 all beef from our old cows was going into ready-prepared meals such as beefburgers and hamburgers.
    • Manufacturers could have to cut the amount of salt in beefburgers, bread, breakfast cereals, sausages and baked beans.
    • Successes include organic beefburgers made with meat from a farm near Petersfield.
    • They even make beefburgers - but only with the leanest beef, using a grill to get rid of most of the fat.
    • The barbecue did a roaring trade and several hundred beefburgers and hot dogs were sold.
    • I finished my beefburger and left a few of the more soggy french fries lying in a puddle of brown sauce.
    • Freshly-made soups were hot, wholesome and tasty, the homemade beefburger was a thick, meaty challenge for the appetite, while the warm pasta salad and mushroom risotto was beautifully presented.
    • Thieves stole a box of 100 beefburgers from a barbecue at Purton carnival.
    • ‘No,’ said I, taking a hulking bite out of the nicest beefburger I've ever tasted.
    • There are some nights when only a decent beefburger will do, don't you find?
    • Suzanne picked up her beefburger.
    • Time to cook my tea, a lovely large beefburger from my local butcher.