Translation of beefsteak in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbifˌsteɪk/ /ˈbiːfsteɪk/


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    • Yet, it was revealed that among the meats purchased were huge quantities of beef, pork and beefsteaks!
    • Ready for workaday food, I opted for the beefsteak and egg, with a side order of fried chips.
    • They'll have them that evening with the beefsteaks.
    • Diners can choose from a variety of salads, seafood kebabs, beefsteaks, scallops, salmon, lamb chops, and desserts.
    • According to the waitress, the grilled beefsteak is one of Holder's most popular dishes, so my friend went for that.
    • Wendy, XGAO and I went to Eric's home to enjoy the beefsteak Eric cooked by himself.
    • McGovern declared: ‘I would trade all the beefsteaks and roast chickens in the world in order to banquet off one once more.’
    • They started eating their meal; it consisted of baked potatoes, rolls, milk, and beefsteaks.
    • In fact, tea is first introduced by Cissie during the opening scene of the train ride, when she pours him tea to have with his beefsteak.
    • I had hopes for the churrasco sandwich, one of the menu's innovations, but the thin beefsteak turned out to be tough, overcooked and surprisingly flavorless.
    • Still laughing, the group finally left the restaurant having had a little too much beer, a good beefsteak, and excellent company.
    • This is a man who would have no problem with a beefsteak cooked saignant (bloody).
    • Then they were served a beefsteak as the main course, accompanied by a potato gratin with just a touch of garlic.
    • The court's chefs prepared a smorgasbord of honey-baked potatoes, York sausages, chocolate pudding, fresh, ripe apricots, beefsteak, and filet of Markfish, fresh from the lake.
    • ‘Coffee and beefsteak would be nice, thank you,’ he told him.
    • Merlin nodded to the Irish setter without smiling and answered, ‘Just coffee and beefsteak, please.’
    • We all used to eat a lot of beefsteak and beefsteak pie at that time.
    • It had become a tradition to have a huge grilled beefsteak dinner in honor of the Snowgrazer's dwindling use of land foods.