Translation of beehive in Spanish:


colmena, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbiˌhaɪv/ /ˈbiːhʌɪv/


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    colmena feminine
    • Think about the concentric pattern of honey, pollen, and brood that arises on the honey combs of a beehive.
    • Her grandfather was a successful farmer who owned potato fields, beehives, and a few head of cattle.
    • However, the ideal places for establishing bee colonies were locations where the farm pesticide use was low, and where there were several beehives in the wild.
    • The good boy's father was a beekeeper, so one evening our bold hero went down to his father's beehives with a large jam jar and collected a jar full of Drone bees.
    • I have very clear memories of the family, their beehives and garden.
    • A few years ago the Honey Lady had tens of active beehives.
    • When Geoff Manning was given three beehives to care for as a young man he never imagined it would become a life-long passion.
    • Similarly, honey is extracted from beehives maintained by the members.
    • At their detached home on the edge of the village, Mrs Britton enjoyed tending the garden, where Mr Britton kept beehives.
    • Mr Britton kept beehives in his garden and sold honey from the gate.
    • In yet another, carpenters using modern hand tools are making beehives.
    • When it is in bloom, the honey gathered from the beehives in the vicinity was valued highly.
    • Other plans include flower beds, organic vegetable plots, beehives and a seating area.
    • Closer by, the route passes some super old farmyards and barns, one has recesses for beehives.
    • The first sweet treat that humans indulged in was most likely honey from beehives.
    • When he came in here, he knocked down a beehive and sent the bees flying all over.
    • Wrapped in this parcel of frivolity is the arrival of the Kaani tribes from Papanasam who amused them by demonstrating the extraction of honey from the beehive and talking plain about their lifestyle.
    • The highlight of the garden party was that an angry swarm of bees, whose beehive had been disturbed by accident, swooped down on the assembled guests.
    • The farm consists of an area of fruit trees interplanted with annual vegetables, a mixed orchard of fruit trees with rows of beehives between the trees, 5 hectares of pasture, three hectares of wheat and a plantation of native pines.
    • However, the honey must come from local beehives.