Translation of beep in Spanish:


pitido, n.

Pronunciation /bip/ /biːp/


  • 1

    pitido masculine

transitive verb

  • 1informal

    to beep one's horn pitar
    • I groan when one of the devices starts beeping or ringing or humming in a darkened theater.
    • Different mechanical devices beeped and whirred on tables and panels.
    • The car horn beeped, signaling that my father was getting extremely impatient.
    • Car horns beeped, children screamed, cash registers rang through open doorways.
    • Around fifteen minutes later, they heard a horn beeping in the distance.
    • At ten past eight, a horn beeped from outside her house.
    • I hear horns beeping from every direction and they only keep getting louder.
    • Horns beeped and a slight drizzle fell, beating against the windows.
    • Machines beeped and buzzed throughout the empty hospital room.
    • Once it locks onto the exact source of the signal, the detector starts beeping.
    • Computers beep randomly between keystrokes, when Enter is pressed, or when the screen changes.
    • The sound of heart monitors beeping out of sync with each other faded as I opened the door and walked out.
    • In the kitchen, the oven beeped that the timer had run out.
    • After a minute, the machine beeped and the green light on the side flashed, indicating that her card had been cleared.
    • His computer beeped, signalling to him that the results he was looking for were found.
    • I can hear their alarm clocks beep, see their lights flick on.
    • The machine beeped, signaling that the first message was finished.
    • I woke up the next morning with my answering machine beeping happily.
    • I was just about to sit down when Matt's heart monitor started beeping wildly.
    • I smiled back at her and we talked until the oven beeped, telling us that the chicken was ready to be devoured.
  • 2US

    llamar con un buscapersonas
    llamar con un bíper Latin America
    llamar con un beeper Latin America

intransitive verb

  • 1