Translation of beeper in Spanish:


buscapersonas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbipər/ /ˈbiːpə/


  • 1

    buscapersonas masculine
    busca masculine Spain informal
    bip masculine Mexico informal
    bíper masculine Chile
    • They were the process of warning by a beeper or other sound emitting device, or the giving of an oral warning when the lifting platform was to be lowered -
    • There were definitely more beeps now I was next to the fence, in fact the beeper almost sounded more urgent.
    • The soft sound of a beeper went off, and Beth swore violently.
    • Before the liftgate opens or closes, the van's lights flash and a warning beeper sounds.
    • Well, I knew that, you know, with the gas, whenever you're running low, there's this little sound that goes off, a beeper, so I knew maybe an audible alarm would be good.
    • This appears to weaken the car's defenses and the blonde will then be able to open both doors using a combination of her beeper and key.
    • ‘Well, er, these beepers are to assist the blind,’ I was told.
    • Impatient outer suburban types force the doors, setting the beeper off.
    • When backing up, the horn should be sounded for all city vehicles first and not just rely on a beeper.
    • Having your television programme or home music interrupted every two minutes by the loud piercing of the pedestrian crossing beepers, emanating from loudspeakers mounted atop pedestrian crossing light poles.
    • Let's look at the reversing warning beepers that are commonplace these days.
    • ‘Nice ride,’ I said, as he used the beeper on his keys to electronically unlock the door.