Translation of beer mat in Spanish:

beer mat

posavasos, n.


  • 1

    (de cartón) posavasos masculine
    • But when he left I found this poem scribbled on a beer mat.
    • ‘I always try to do something that I want to do,’ he says earnestly, tearing up a beer mat.
    • Every drinker with functioning tastebuds who has had the good fortune to sup a pint of Rooster's Yankee has one thought when placing a drained glass upon soggy beer mat.
    • He asked Damien as he fiddled with a beer mat out of boredom.
    • ‘We're fine, yep, and grateful for the drinks,’ she assured Vaughn, raising her drink briefly to Ed, who merely nodded back, studying the beer mat intently.
    • With just two bottles of spirits, a handful of beer mats and a small stack of glasses, Brockenhurst's newest pub probably sounds a bit downmarket.
    • Pubs in York are to be blitzed with beer mats and posters warning about the dangers of messing around with fireworks.